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Summation of my more interesting dreams

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posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 02:34 AM
I would like to share some of my more interesting dreams with the ATS community, although the idea of Astral realms and Hyperdimensional worlds, and even predictions of the future are considered bizarre to say the least, within the context of Dream, I suppose that they can be observed either for thier entertainment value or to complete any other research into the paranormal that you might happen to be looking in to...

Dream 1) This dream was in my local area, the landscape, the houses, the terrain was almost exactly the same as the real world, for this reason, in terms of the vurnacular, I was in a state of "etheric" or "sub etheric" projection, the boundary between the real world and the more dynamic and bizarre worlds of the dreamscape:

I was outside on my street, there were many individuals that were standing around in groups, many walking across the pavement, all kinds of activity - they all appeared as people, however, I believe that my mind was using its memories of strangers as proxies for the beings that were actually in my dream - however, there could very well have been other individuals such as myself whom were in the dream state:

The first feature I noticed was that there was a "wall" at the end of my street, much like a fence or a barrier, I was unable to go any further. Secondly, as I explored further, there were lines of individuals, walking into walls, as if they were portals - and the way that they were moving, as if under hypnosis, walking in single file, being directed into specific zones.

Lastly, I believe that I got the attention of one of the "controllers" whom seemed to dislike my interference - the atmosphere was like cattle being directed into pens - those whom were not as aware in thier dreamworld, probably being trained for some kind of event, some kind of crossing the afterlife.

Dream 2) I was in a place that could be best described as some kind of processing facility, although I believe it was a hyperdimensional spaceship - again, there were people, and they were being directed into hallways - I believe I was one of those people, however, owing to my awareness, I jumped out of the line and attempted to engage one of the beings that was directing the line of people - It looked at me with a strange kind of respect, a kind of "theres one that understands the trick"...

Dream 3) This one was quite strange - I remember being at home when I fell asleep on the couch - I awoke in my dream, although it appeared as if I was either in an alternate dimension or a projection into a hypothetical timeline - I remember picking up my phone to see, on the screen, a video broadcast of President Obama, perhaps being broadcast to all televisions and communications technology, he was addressing the nation if not the World.

The next thing I remember, is rushing to a friends place with my mother, and it appeared as if we were collecting food and supplies - I remember these buzzing noises in the air, and as I was running away into the yard, I blanked out in the dream, as if stunned or paralysed, and then awoke again in my couch where I had went to sleep.

Dream 4) This dream was recent - the setting was my high school, although, I believe that the dream was some kind of message, my mind was evidently using its own memories to cobble together the transmission - essentially, all the individuals around me were being drawn in a specific direction - there was some source of fear or confusion, however, my awareness was sharp and I was able to observe that the people were all running in what appeared to be pre-defined channels - as if they were being drawn in specific directions like a magnet - I remember running the completley opposite direction with a few other individuals who were instinctual enough to realise what was occuring.

On the street were these kind of "orbs" that had circular windows in the side - a whole fleet of what appeared to be automatons - the first ones I saw formed a roadblock, and it appeared as if the entire planet was being occupied.

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 10:50 AM
I find your dreams very interesting. I hope they are just dreams, not fortelling.

Most of my vivid dreams are about war, and fighting in a resistance or trying to escape and keep my children safe.

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