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Hurricane Charlie bring about the worst of times but the best in people, or the worst.

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posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 11:18 PM
I am a florida resident, I moved here recently. I live in north Fort Myers. Punta Gorda ( wich is being called Ground Zero ) is less than 20 minuts from my home. My home survived ( thankfully ) many peoples did not. However I must say, that anyone that was interviewd on the raidio who has lost their home are keeping high spirits. Most saying that their just thankfull to be here and it was only material posessions. One lady even said she was excited because now she gets to redecorate a whole new house. Major and local buisnesses are also helping in efforts to keep people from going hungry and/or thirsty. There was a Winn Dixies in Pine Island ( that place also got slammed ) that was giving out free water and ice. They are going to be tearing down their store due to damages. ( to add insult to injury the storm reconstructed the sign, it no longer says Winn Dixies but Winn DI
) Local resteraunts all aroung the devistated areas are giving food to people. There is no electricity to keep the food fresh so what else are they to do with it. And just the general attitude from people is friendly and caring.

I am at a hotel in Sarasota currently because my house has neither water nor electricity, and it is HOT without A/C. I met a young man here actually from Punta Gorda, his house made it through the storm with only significant damage ( wich means its livable ). He knew many people who are now homless and said they are all taking their loss well. " It really makes you apreciate what you have " he told me and that is just so true. Those of us who made it through this storm are happy to be alive and will do what we have to, to get through this. We will do what we can to help others who are less fortunate as well.

Now ive been hearing some news on the radio that really just makes me sick. For one thing, ( and this is to be expected somewhat ) Major looting in many of the cities without power. A theif is just the lowest form of life IMHO and these people should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of the situation like that. A picture in the news paper shows a man holding a sign saying " you loot, I shoot ". He was holding a sotgun in his lap
. Another way people are taking advantage of this disaster is through price gouging ( I think thats the correct term ). Store owners are raising prices on basic nessesitys of life as well as other things of convinence. Water, batteries, gas, food, ect. Ive read in the news paper that over 100 accounts have already been reported. That is absolutly terrible. Those people should be put away ,if caught, for a very long time.

I gess you just gotta take the good with the bad. Tho from what i see there is moore good going on than bad. Its nice to hear about people helping people on the news media for once, than your normal hollywood gossip or the regular violence that goes on in the world.

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posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 11:22 PM
Keep your chin up Tr33 and stay safe. Listen to the authorities, ya know the "don't touch downed power lines, don't drink the water unless you boil it first" kinda stuff. Keep focusing on the good stuff and you'll pull through just fine. We are all glad that you are doing alright down there. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 11:26 PM
I thank you from the bottom of my heart deeprivergal for your concern. Ill be fine, but there are plenty of people who are not. If they have some sort of hurricane charley victims fund raiser please donate, I know I will.

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 03:46 PM
Is there anyone out there who has any more info on death tolls, costs in damages, Or what other states look like on the east coast? Any one else effected? ANY GOOD PICTURES? Im taking plenty of my own around my town.

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 09:47 AM
I live in Fort Myers and I echo the sentiments about the authorities and local support. I was amazed at the organization and how quickly the help was deployed. Florida Power and Light brought in over 14,000 people from as far as Iowa. The National Guard and Red Cross were on the scene almost immediately. Grocery Stores were giving out free ice and water to residents. It continues to be a great show of humanity.

Here are some good slideshow pics taken by a local news channel.

Tr33stump, feel free to PM me about anything else you may need. I can get most of the info for you.

Thank you to all of you who had us South Floridians in your thoughts

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 05:56 PM
Thanks much Illuminus for all the pics.
It is truly amazing how quickly people responded to our cry for help. I for one am truly thankfull. I am back at home and have electricity and we have water for an houer or so but then it will go off for like 3 hours. But by seeing all the damage inflicted im thankfull for a few hours of running water.

Im not sure what a PM is, and I do have another question.
whats the current death toll for our area? Last I heard it was 16, but I expect that nuber to go way up. If you have any info on the cost in damages I would apreciate that info as well.

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 10:58 PM
Cost is all over the place from 5 billion to 10 billion. I am still hearing less than 20 fatalaties but you have to consider there are still places they haven't been.

Sorry they call PM (private messages) a "U2U" here. I actually like their terminology better haha.

Just click on "U2U" in my message area if you want to discuss further issues so we don't take up this thread.


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