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How would YOU Reconstruct America

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:11 PM
Ok... So we've all thought about it, sometimes passing through our minds before we fall asleep at night...

Including all those that ARE and ARE NOT Americans, please answer the following to the best of your ability, with as much detail as possible.

Lets say you have become the new president of the USA. You were given the ability to instantly declare martial law. How would you reconstruct america? What laws would you kill and or create. What would you do for and or against the people and buisnesses. How would you lead?

Remember.. You declared martial law. You can do pretty much anything and make any rules needed for the betterment of the country. This also includes actions outside the US.

Ready... Set... GO!

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:15 PM
Restart from scratch with the original US Constitution and 3 branches of government. Scrap all legislation,regulations past in the last 180 yrs,everything else federal and leave the rest up to the state governments to decide.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:18 PM
1. Go ahead and take over Mexico and Canada with our wehrmacht.
2. Build state-run high-speed train lines everywhere and make people use them.
3. Close the tax law loopholes that allow the top 1 percent of people in this country controlling 95 percent of the wealth to benefit from this country's freedom without having to pay for it.
4. Legalize all drugs but only in special camps where the people can't leave and bother anyone else unless they're sober.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:28 PM
make a super strand of killer virus that wipes out the human race .

Let mother earth go on without her cancer

Let the earth regain her self and let the species on the earth go on there merry little way

I have saved the planet

I have saved all the species

I have stopped from the cancer from tainting the rest of space.

But who would sign up ? None of you ! the cancer doesnt think he is cancer lol

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by theRhenn


1- I'd re-establish Constitutional law and return democracy to the people, not the US corporation
2- Empower individual states to create/regulate legislation
3- Abolish the Fed Reserve/ and the policies they apply, along with breaking up the Federal Holding companies
4- Reinstate the Glass Steagal act in original form and place HUGE taxes on international banks in the ConUS
5- Boot Monsanto and everything associated with them out of the country
6- Completely rebuild the AMA, FDA, USDA (etc..) with representatives with wisdom and integrity
7- Instate an 8% flat tax across the board so there are no loopholes or tax evasions. If you're rich, you pay just like everyone else since incomes and taxes are proportional.
8- Bring our military back from all countries and fortify our own borders. Protectionism is the best mechanism in the short term.
9- Restructure the farm subsidies program and encourage major organic agriculture in the USA
10- Vastly downsize govt and clamp down on the black-ops tyrants as well as gutting our global intelligence network.

That would pretty much be my 10 point plan, along with the usual taking out the trash of this country. Our military would be HOME and controlling our gang related crime alongside a PROPER police force (to serve and protect, instead of quota quota quota). We would have our own Gitmo to put all the rotten politicians in and waterboard them twice a day. And the MSM will be returned to its' normal status of reporting ALL the news, not just propaganda and capitalism. Imports will be heavily tarriffed to discourage all the cheap junk showing up in our stores, while exports are tarriff free. I'd also gut the National Wildlife infrastructure and their ilk to rid us of the Agenda 21 thugs, while clamping down on 'sports hunters'. Hunting to survive is 1 thing, but killing for fun is plain retarded and disrespectful.
That's pretty much it in a nutshell

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:46 PM
I wouldn't declare Martial Law.

The act of doing so merely for the chance to enact a personally preferable type of tyranny would immediately make someone completely unworthy of the job to begin with.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:57 PM
Back to the constitution/BOR/ETC.. and then tweak it with citizen input to reflect the age we are in and the unique issues we face.
Fire everyone in washington.. and hold a REAL election.
Withdraw all troops and close useless bases. Keep a standing army and make working in the MIL or GOV something to be proud of again. Keep our strength competitive with those who would wish to destroy us, but foster communication and cooperation with those who are communicative and cooperative

NO MORE "police actions".. the rest be damned. We do NOT fight others wars or allow entities to control our standing mil.
No more foreign aid until we clean up our OWN back yard and then consider aid with much more stringent criteria.
No more funding other countries mil or weaponry
No more NATO or UN involvement.. let them fight their own wars. Im sick of being a dog of war on a leash.
flat tax and consumption tax, NO more BS taxes and PP tax.
States laws are made stronger and the law in their own land.
No more race or sex based laws for employment. If someone wants to be racist or sexist.. let them. It will work out in the end with demand and etc if given time.

close borders for a time, remove all illegal citizens.. and make a process that illegals can become citizens but they are at the back of the line to those who have chosen to start the process properly.
retool entitlements so the true needy get it and more of it.. and that would be possible if we cut the lazy and criminal
free all drug offenders.. unless the crime involved other things along with drugs.. and legalize. Sin tax it like alcohol and ciggs. If folks want to kill themselves, far be it from me to prevent them their pleasure, but youre not being supported by the tax payer. Make a check baby limit. You keep pumping them out.. you get to deal with it yourself and be accountable.
prisons are prisons and work camps.. make therm work.. ALL of them work. No more enjoying incarceration in luxury. If the crime deserves execution.. make it public and no longer decades of appeals. Its punishment and deterrence doesnt work.. stop calling it something else. At least we can make it cheap and beneficial.

the property you own you REALLY own. You are no longer a "tenant" but you own that piece of the US.
An armed society is a polite society, and Im sick of rudeness. Everyone who wants to be armed or CC.. have at it.
Allow secession without harm.. but make the country so whole that no one would want to go that far. Allow the states the rights to make themselves viable.. or perish.. by their own hands. Citizens will guide its viability... or leave for a more advantageous state to their liking.
ABOLISH the electorate college BS.. straight vote by popularity. No more funding and BS manipulations by candidates. If a president doesnt keep the promises made on the trail, make removal easier and midterm vote possible. NO president can declare war or make ANY decision unilaterally with some ham handed executive order. Stop any sort of soft occupation by calling it something else. Make war or dont.
No more spying on citizens.. no more patriot act... no more BS.
Recognize an individuals sovereignty and allow those who wish to live like bums.. to live like bums.
Want to kill yourself? Go for it. Make suicide legal.
Abortion? fine and dandy, pay for it yourself and deal with it yourself.
Fire everyone in the department of education... and vote on it properly. The feds need to stay out of schools. Homeschool is open to all with no restraint.
No conditions on assault weapons or firearms. Make the citizens the govt and you have less to fear concerning a coup and the govt will work much harder to please the majority of citizens than try to control them

Churches are not above the law anymore.
They will also pay taxes.. but a flat tax and consumption tax.. like everyone else. God is no longer a tax or accountability dodge.

That ( and a whole lot more) would be my utopia..
After a bunch of idiots killed eachother the dust would eventually settle.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by theRhenn

I would start with a counsel that consist of ALL the genetics or races in the land mass. they will oversee the issues the entire nation is up against with equal input and power. There genetics backgrounds help to keep the nations input as 1 and none can feel some race is trying to controll them..

Step 1

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:07 PM
I suggest you join Canada

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:12 PM
...i'm a woman and an atheist who has never been indoctrinated by christianity or any other religion... those two points alone would insure my assassination almost immediately...

...but... if i were to survive long enough to make any changes, i would not start with declaring martial law - because - thats as stupid as sticking your head in a mulcher...

...reconstruction is a massive undertaking and, frankly, i think its impossible to accomplish at this late date...

...its most certainly impossible for one person to accomplish, even if that one person is a dictator because they do not hold power by themselves... they have to have the full support of the military industrial complex and thats just repeating the same mistakes again...

...for the sake of discussion - if i were prez and had the power to reconstruct how our federal government is operated, we would have to start from scratch because every aspect of our federal government is corrupt and it has been since its inception...

...return to the original constitution?... NEVER...

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:38 PM
reply to post by theRhenn

Every person who has had anything to do in the political spectrum would be thrown out of their office. I would do away with the electoral vote. Popularity vote only. All who run for an office would have no privacy at all. That is what they sign up for if they want to run...their financial statements would be made public, their school records, criminal background, etc. I would do away with the IRS, federal income tax, state income tax, etc. A fair tax would be instated instead. This would be two fold, one we no longer have to come up with the money to pay IRS employees, and second, all those who skip out on taxes, or who are paid under the radar so they don't have to pay taxes, would now be paying taxes.

We would turn inward. I feel sorry for other countries, I really do, be we have our own little problems right here in the US. So, unfortunately until those were fixed, other countries would have to take a backseat for a little while.

I think I would try and institute something with medical and dental. I don't think a universal health care is the answer, but if we can set laws that state someone can't sue a doctor over a certain amount, then I would think we could also set a law that states doctors can't charge over a certain amount for medical care.

Huge incentives for those who keep the jobs here in America, instead of outsourcing and huge benefits for those who turn to farming.

I would devise something as well for those who are homeless. Maybe parks? sounds a bit extreme, but the thoughts of someone starving through the winter or being out the elements, doesn't sit well with me, no matter their story. Maybe communities...small studio homes, and they all have to work together to make a living..???? I'm open to suggestions on this, sounds juvenile and simplistic I'm sure, but ???

Schools. A huge devotion would go to our schools. Nothing major, I'd do away with the whole "no child left behind" it was a good concept, but its being implemented wrong. The teachers are all only about the end of the year test now, thats all they teach, is the test, I get what Bush was trying to do and its honorable, but he was naive. Bigger cuts for those who have higher graduates, and teachers who do not perform to par, would not simply be transferred but fired.

Drug and alcohol testing for those on welfare, and tighter security for monitoring if they really need it or not. Not just them giving 2 proofs of residence and a tax return, instead? along with that? a credit check to see what purchases have recently been made as well as a statement from the bank. I know plenty of people who are paid under the table, therefore show nothing on the tax returns, but they have plenty of money. There are loopholes around the system. Also more leeway between systems. Example..someone who signs up for food stamps, and welfare as well as free medical...then someone in the same household does the same. ( I personally know of an exact situation like this, an ex sister in law, living with her boyfriend at the same residence., not married to each other, she gets welfare, he gets welfare, she gets food stamps, he gets food stamps, etc etc, I'm sure eventually they "may" get caught, but so far its been 5 years)

Ooh, read someone else's and remembered what I wanted to add. Once your house is paid for...its paid for. As well as tags on the car.

I'm sure I could come up with much much more.
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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:57 PM
So far... It seems like most of the folks here could run the country better than our own government.

For those that are against the martial law... too bad. I gave it to ya anyways! And gave everyone a star for their support. The thing is, declare martial law, fix the country, then end martial law. I understand where it could go, but that was not part of the question.

Please continue. I love alot of these responces! Wish I could give more than one star for it, but I'm sure others will continue to pick out the best ones.

Please, if you will, support the thread by offering flags. I would love to see everyone's responces, as many as possible. It'll help the next time I need something to think about before dozing off into la la land

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 02:01 PM
1. Ban campaign contributions of any kind and have the government fully fund elections.
2. Install term limits - 3 total terms between congress and presidency. No career politicians.
3. Require full financial disclosure from anyone holding any office on an ongoing basis.
4. Nationalize all existing infrastructure telecom, utility, energy, etc. and modernize them to the fullest. Allow private companies to lease access. Forbid private ownership of national resources (water, gas, coal, oil, precious metals, materials, etc.)
5. Reform the tax system. Tax wealth progressively and add in a flat sales or corporate revenue tax.
6. Fix social security by either raising the income threshold for taxation or progressively limit benefits based on wealth.
7. Reform the money system. Simply issue the money that we need. We will need a lot of money to buy out the infrastructure and such. To keep it from being inflationary cut the banks ability to create money by whatever factor is needed. The more we cut it the more currency we will need. Money supply should then grow in line with the nation's productivity less the natural resources extracted to get that productivity. This means that government NEEDS to do a bunch of defecit spending to get that money into the economy = lower taxes.
8. Take an semi-isolationsists policy on foreign trade. Require that goods imported, that can be made here, are no cheaper than what they could be made for here = more jobs here + tariffs collected = more tax revenue = lower tax rate.
Encourage trade but only fair trade.
9. Attempt everything possible to regain energy independence. Drill, plug in, sunshine, water, nat gas, coal... do it all and do it right away.
10. Reform the housing market. Since we already back 95% of all mortgages, just go ahead and become the actual mortgage leneder. with the government a sthe lender much profit motive can be eliminated, meaning that current bad mortgages can be renegoitiated and future mortgages become more affordable. Put in various appreciation limits for qualifying and you can eliminate much of the problems of the past decade. Unless mortgages are 1% or so going forward, then this program would also be a government fund raiser. Why let a private institution create money to lend to us? it makes no sense. Instead banks would be agents of the government.

And so much more.

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 03:49 AM
1. Disband Federal Reserve (or turn it into purely market control and overseeing agency, with no ability to issue money), return the money emitting function to the state, like colonial script. All newly issued money must be debt-free, and there is a limit of 5% of moneybase increase per year to prevent hyperinflation. Declare all debt owed to FED and integovernmental debt (wtf?) void. Put back all safeguards against recessions that were there after WW2, like Glass Steagal Act.

2. Close all tax loopholes for the rich and corporations, flat income tax for all

3. Friedman's negative income tax wefare system will replace all current benefits. Child benefits only for first 2 children. No minimum wage legislation (loses its meaning with NIT welfare).

4. Announce great national WW2 or Moon Race style program, but this time to replace fossil energy sources with Gen. IV nuclear breeder reactors (LFTR, IFR), and electric cars.

5. Bring the troops home, secure the southern border (Israeli wall style, if necessary), make harboring, transporting and employing illegals a criminal offense (punishable by high fees in case of employing). Replace jus soli citizenship with jus sanguis, like in the rest of the world.

6. Legalise soft drugs, but leave hard drugs illegal. Grant amnesty for all who were imprisoned only for soft drugs posession. Legalise voluntary prostitution.

7. Stop NASA SLS program, and buy launches and spacecraft from private companies.

8. Repeal harsh mandatory sentences laws, and ridiculous sex offender laws which criminalise teens and children instead of real sex offenders.

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posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 03:54 AM
Free education and healthcare for all.
No tax breaks for the rich.
15 bucks an hour minimum wage (which would have a huge effect on illegal workers).
Scrap the patriot act and stop all rendition and torture of people.

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 03:59 AM
Get rid of it. America is a wet dream. Look at it--days from going into default for its own debt. It's people more concerned with how they're going to pay their cellphone bills than how they're going to help people being murdered in countries they've never heard of. All the while, its going on in their own country. Americans have no idea.Totally clueless.

America the Great, huh? I won't even get into the massacre of the indigineous population who lived here long before Europeans infected everyone with their culture and disease (probably the same thing). Don't worry about, Americans, just keep watching TV.

In answer to your question, I wouldn't reconstruct America. I'd deconstruct it. It was a much more civil place before Europeans infected it.

"Oh, those natives are barbarians!" Nothing compared to what Europeans have done. Worldwide.

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 04:03 AM
One of the major problems is that corporate America is not paying its share for example GE pays no tax,many top 500 companies have relocated their headquarters to the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands or such to avoid tax those that haven't employ an army of lawyers and accountants to find loopholes in the 30000 pages of tax legislation to avoid tax a real cottage industry,my solution abolish corporate tax and replace it with a 10 percent goods and services tax,a percentage of sales not profits,that will generate all the income you need.

In the last few years these corporations have employed 2400 000 overseas and simultaneously laid off 2900 000 in the US.

The American society of engineers has said the US needs to spend 4 trillion in the next 5 years to bring infrastructure from a D to a B,this is where I would apply these revenues if you dont most infrastructure roads,electricity,water,sewerage built in the 40's 50's and 60's will start to suffer catastrophic failure.

In 1988 manufacturing comprised 39 percent now it is nine per cent a base must be rebuilt 40000 manufacturing plants have shut down in the last decade America must start making stuff again,

theres some ideas.......

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