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Just my idea of what has been going on

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posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 11:11 AM
I've been thinking...and I've came up with a theory about aliens.

Apparently we are visited day-by-day by certain beings who abduct, observe and seem to interfere in some cases, with our lives. Now, their could be a simple reason for this. Going back now, to what is said in the bible; it is said that when jesus was born, a great star was seen in the night sky and mary was a virgin who was made pregnant. My theory is the star seen that night was a alien spacecraft and I believe mary may have been abducted to birth an alien child named Jesus (would explain his unusual powers). Not only that, many differen't civilizations from around the world have been seeing strange lights in the sky and encountering strange beings over many years. The aztecs made runways for what? nobody is quite sure, but some people believe it to be runways for beings that could fly. They also marked huge pictures on the ground that could only be seen in the sky. Why would they make them if they cannot possibly fly and see them? Even dating back to the cavemen, there are drawings of disc shaped objects and contact with other beings -- something that has puzzled historians for many years.

Why? well, my guess is these aliens or 'beings' are the ones that spawned life on this planet. They abduct, observe and interfere when they see it necessary. Like scientists they look at us, prod us, take control of us and experiment. We are their creation, we are their lab rat. Some say they are evil or even demons and others say they are angels. Whatever they are, I believe them to be in relation to God and Jesus, maybe God and Jesus are Aliens, who knows?

In this very age of modern times, we're smarter and more sceptical about things and have the right to research and find out for ourselves. Back in the day of sorcery and witchcraft -- middle ages, England; people were executed for questioning and taking faith in something else. Which might be why certain religions exist for so long and haven't changed. People thousands of years ago didn't understand the things we understand today because they don't have the benefits we have, that is why in this day and age, more theories are made and more questions are made and answered.

Whatever reason these aliens are here for, the government doesn't want us to know. It could be that they hold the key to the truth of God and Jesus, or the key to the destruction of our race and so a treaty is made. If it is the key to religeous purposes and people got the truth, then obvious mass chaos would arise and peoples beliefs would be tarnished and unable to forgive and rioting would occur with wars and death. The other explaination would be if they did hold the key to destruction of our race (and a treaty is actually made because of this), that would mean the government would be sharing information with them in terms of technology and resources. Looking at our solar system wouldn't it just MAYBE be possible that they went from planet to planet using up each planet's resources and polluted them to what we see today?

Whatever the answer is to all of this, I am quite certain our governments hold the truth and to all of it and do not want us to know for our own good.

Just my idea of what has been going on.


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