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[RINGS] FTR Random White Clues

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posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 09:32 PM
Ok, now that the fun is over, lets keep this for serious clues.
I am concerned about smirkley. Have not seem him on in a while. Hope he is in contact soon.

I do feel we may need more information to get started. Cerberus, if you are reading this.... what is your take on it? Is there enough to get us started?

Originally posted by Star_and_Crescent

Four are not yet one
There is more to do...much more
The Hunt is over but the search begins
The Captains need your help
you must still collaborate and cooperate
deny ignorance
wisdom is the prize
when does wisdom happen?
How does four become one?
Every old clue matters
convergence is near
What does it mean?
four captains must unite
if you help the captains, will you be rewarded?
one task remains
where is wisdom?
why did we hunt?
What is the purpose?
the old clues reveal some
the new cluse reveal more
the captains know the words
you must search outside. the search is inside
but only the wise will know
deep is gone
the task is not here. the task is here.
to deny. to accept.
and in the end, the captains are one.
the captains are found
the path to the new is hidden in the old
one task remains for hunters
find the one place
when does wisdom happen to all?
it is very close. it is very far.
one task remains for captains
where is the wisdom found?
you must think of the goal
the words are the key
the truth reveals. the lies expose.
convergence is near

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