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posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 06:06 PM
First time poster here on ATS. I try to do a lot of research on various things just for self enlightenment and amusement. The information I've gleaned from ATS has for the most part been very informative and the posters for the most part balanced and even-keeled in their remarks, which I find refreshing. However, another source of info for me has been, which I learned about from Above Top Secret. There, I found a topic that I felt compelled to post responses to. My responses were with good conduct, no retribution, and mature. Despite this, however, I was blocked from their boards and my posts subsequently removed. Here are some samples of their responses to my posts:

To: Freedom_for_sum
My! What a fascinating choice for your very first posting on Free Republic!

To: Freedom_for_sum
Welcome, Freedom_for_sum. The answer probably is, for most people on the planet, no conscious decision is ever made.
The dangerous and false idea -- encouraged by the left, mostly -- is that sexual orientation and other sexual addictions are innate or genetically determined, and not capable of being directed or changed by the individuals involved.

To: Freedom_for_sum
did this attraction instead come naturally without much fore-thought?
Yep. It's a natural attraction between the sexes designed to protect the survival of the species.
Homosexual fetishes, like other deviated sex acts, are created in the perverts mind. The pervert spends so much time thinking about dysfunctional sex, he/she eventually acts on it. It's a conscious choice.
It's the same with rapists. They sit around thinking about women (in the case of McClintock, a mans penis) and eventually they set out to live it.

To: Freedom_for_sum
My point is that gay/lesbians, by-and-large, can't be expected to be attracted to the opposite sex any more than heterosexuals can be attracted to the same sex.
LOL. Right.
Many have been rescued from their mental dementia. If what you say is correct, how do you explain their healing?
They learned to think normally. They reprogrammed their minds. The thoughts of playing in bile have been removed from their minds voluntarily. Now, they're natural, normal human beings again. They're no longer mentally ill.
Homosexual fetishes are self inflicted. They can be self removed
To: Freedom_for_sum
People have a choice, always.

There are not innately gay people, only gay people who do not seek to change.

Regardless of one's opinion on a subject matter folks should be able to discuss intelligently on the subject. Freerepublic however does not allow this. Anyone who doesn't tow the "party line" there are categorically removed.

Yet another member of freerepublic was allowed to post this drivel:

That means those who want to play with other peoples genitals and orifices just like theirs.
The word "gay" puts a pretty mask on a vile behavior.
I never refer to them as "gay". I simply call them "people with a homosexual sex fetish". It removes the propaganda mask. It puts a real picture of homosexuality in the minds of those who hear it."

All this means to me, as it should to you, is that Freerepublic is NOT a valid source of unbiased, fair-minded information.

posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 06:35 PM
Sadly, it happens alot on freep. It is blatantly neocon and full of what we in the industry like to refer to as "krazies" yet i have a few very good friends from freep.

ATS is much more accepting. Welcome.


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