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Atlantis and ISS captured from the ground... in broad daylight!

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posted on Jul, 18 2016 @ 08:53 AM

originally posted by: wildespace
a reply to: ngchunter

I'm glad this thread came back. Great footage of the most technologically-advanced thing we humans ever build.

And some people believe the ISS (and the rest of spaceflight) is fake

Thanks. I've already had one guy claim my new video is fake.

kaseyjosh2 hours agoLINKED COMMENT
Astronomy Live....Now tell the Truth!! to the people!! You and myself and many others know for a fact YOU did not track the iss or anything even close....YOU dont fool people as often now!! lots of truth coming out!!...More than happy to discuss this footage and your claim of tracking the iss/space shuttle on here with you!! Peace..... kj..

If you're that far gone that you think amateur astronomers are all hoaxing it too, there's really no one outside of a professional mental institution that can help you. Can we get a Thorazine drip going over here?

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