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Calling all OG Nurds!

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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 10:55 AM
I found this on my own a few days ago, and actually came out a Human Druid, which is interesting, as it's one of the two characters I was contemplating playing in an upcoming campaign of a friend's.

I've typically played clerics or wizards, as I'm pretty good at coming up with innovative uses for even low level spells. (I once helped a small force take on an entire army with strategy and the use of nothing more than level 2 spells)....

First, we had a couple days to prepare, so I had the troops dig a trench in the only path of approach to the small keep. The trench was lined with stakes, and as much oil as we could find. thick targets were placed in key positions for the next phase...

As the force approached, flaming arrows lit up the trench. I had cast darkness on arrowheads that were then coated with a clay coat. The archers fired a couple into the positioned boards, and as the force charged the fiery pit, they were then plunged into darkness (screaming our horrible death cries, being staked and burned).

Once the flames were out, some forces got through, but I then used the anchor boards (for the Darkness arrows) to be anchors for Web spells, to prevent the rest of them getting through just yet.

Silent Image - made images of troops where there were none....absorbed enemy arrows with no casualties. Once they engaged these phantom troops, Entangle snared most of the enemy.

Then, our small cavalry force rode out along with pikemen to take out the entangled men.

The sheer ferocity drove the attackers (who had just lost many men, but still more than outnumbered us), running away in panic....

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