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Love em or hate em Bush should not be our next President because,

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posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 09:04 AM
Bush is a good person who wants to do his best for the USA. I have no doubt in that.

With the office of the president comes great responcibility. That means when you make a mistake that you accept responcibility for that mistake.

Bush used poor intel to justify a war to us and the world. No he did not know it was bad intel, but he did have the responcibility to ensure that it was the truth before using it as justification to put american soldiers lives on the line.

For this I cannot, and will not forgive Bush, so he will not get my vote. I truely believe a President who is part of a mistake like this should step down but that is in my perfect and honorable world that none of us live in.

I think Clinton also should have steped down when the news broke about Monica. I also believe the governement had no right to even ask someone about their own personal sex life unless it envolved something illegal.

The Buck Stops here is a phrase that at least in my life has meaning. In my life a leader of military men I've made mistakes and admited to them. In doing so I maintained my own personal integrity through out my 18 years of service to the United States military. By honroably admitting some of these mistakes it could have slowed down my promotions or prevented me from getting certain positions. Fortunately none of my mistakes warrented either, yet I had the integrity to accept responcibility for the mistakes made under my supervision. These were things other people did, yet because I was in charge I took responcibility for it. This is what Presidents need to be made of. Highest honor and integrity.

I do not particularly like Kerry but he did not give the orders to send people to war on bad intel although he did vote to give Bush that power. Kerry himself did not have the responcibility at that time to ensure the intel was correct but President Bush did and continues to have this responcibility as President of the United States.

Bush is responcible for the actions of the US government while he is president just as George Tenet was responcible for the CIA's part in the poor intel. Tenet did the honorbale thing and steped down.

If this mistake had not been of the magnitude that sent American troops to their deaths I would be able to support Bush. But there can be no greater wrong than causing a death of another person because you failed to do your duty which was to have hard evidence and intel to back up your justification for war.

Now many of you are saying, yea but Saddam was evil, and bad and killed millions! I agree, and had our president used that as justification and perhaps, even used the fact Saddam tried to kill his father to sell us, the congress and the world the need for war, then perhaps I would be able to support this war on Iraq.

Having said that though, the invasion itself was not really needed to rid the world of Iraq. We could have developed a robust CIA effort to assasinate or locate Saddam and his sons for direct bombing and elimination without killing Iraq Army, civilians and even American soldiers in a ground invasion.

This invasion shows our president has little patience for world events, and for me thats a tad scarry, when he has his finger on the red buttons of armagedon.

I fully support his efforts in Afganistan, Pakistan and the rest of the war on terror, that I am aware of.

For his impatience with American Foreign policy and use of poor intel to justify sending our troops to war, I cannot vote for George W. Bush as our next president.

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posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 09:40 AM
the problem with all world leaders is that they have no honour, no respect for the people who put them in office and no common sense

oh and Bush shouldn't be President just because he's plain stupid


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