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Short of War - Australian Research

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posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 03:04 AM
Or "THE REVOLUTION", by Australian researcher Glen Krawczyk.

Just finished reading his work, and I am tempted to reread it, and start printing copies till the ink or paper runs out. I stumbled across this while covering some OARP material. Well, lets just say I'm very impressed with this "angelfire" web site. I'm looking forward to comments and objective views, so don't hold back if your inclined to reply.

Below are some quotes selected, I tried not to go over board, while still sending the gist of the paper. From my understanding, this is pre 2000 material.

"Sensor technology, robotics, nonlethal weapons, and intelligence meshes will be used in combatting terrorism, countering narcotrafficking, and peace operations. These technologies, along with simulator training and unmanned aerial vehicles, will also be useful in insurgency and counterinsurgency."

"Many American strategic thinkers believe that we are in the beginning stages of a [sic] historical revolution in military affairs (RMA). This will not only change the nature of warfare, but also alter the global geopolitical balance."

"Technology designed specifically for conflict short of war, especially psychological, biological, and defensive technology."

"Deception, while frequently of great military or political value, is thought of as somehow 'un-American."

US Army War College

Australian Research


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