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Republican Party Outs Evangelical Christians???

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posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 12:54 PM

Some prominent evangelical Christians say they have not been invited to participate in or attend the Republican National Convention less than three weeks before the event is to begin.

Analysts said the move likely reflects a GOP desire to sideline its more polarizing supporters during a tight presidential race, but convention organizers deny they're marginalizing the religious leaders. Republican strategist Ralph Reed said Wednesday that invitations just started going out to evangelical figures, but he would not release any names.
Boston Globe Full Article

Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and 49 other prominent evangelicals have not received an invitation to the Republican convention to this point in time. Robertson, who is not going, said, ''The general thrust will be to entice the so-called independent moderates and I am not sure that there would be much reason for a conservative to be there.'' Repulican denial of their Christian roots seems to be "unChristian" in a moral biblical sense.


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