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New Sonar for protectin G.O.P. conventions.

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posted on Aug, 11 2004 @ 04:03 AM
The US coast guard has a new sonar to protect New York’s piers and harbors form enemy ships divers or anything else. Regular sonar shows a blip on a screen and tells you that something is down there. This Mobile Inspection Package sonar shows the object in 3d. If there is an Al-Qeda diver the coast guard will be able to see his boy in 3d instead of just a blip on the screen. This sonar will also b used in the future to prevent any USS cole attacks, and it will have other military applications.

The Coast Guard is trying out a new tool to protect New York's harbor during the Republican Convention: a new-fangled sonar that can peer through the City's underwater muck.

Traditional sonar just shows a blip on a screen, the New York Times notes; it tells you that something is down there, but it doesn't say what that something is. This new brand of sonar, called the "Mobile Inspection Package," gives much more precise pictures. With a series of colored lines, you can see the outlines of a ship's hull, or a pier, or a diving evil-doer in three dimensions.

-- a good tool for preventing USS Cole-type attacks in the future... it will make New York any safer during the G.O.P.

New sonar in time for G.O.P. Convention


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