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Kerry a traitor

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posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 03:58 PM
I woul really like to discuss this. I have read many posts of people calling him a traitor because of his testimony given after he returned from VN. That he met with reps of northe VN in France. Etc..

This is my take on his reports when he got back from VN. HE was there, he met people who have seen and done thigns that according to the laws of combat were illegal. He came home and reported what he saw and what other solders had told him. Is he a traitor for telling the truth? He came back and was pissed about how things were being handeled and made the choise to speak up about it. Does that make him a traitor?

Are people traitors for giving the pictures of the US abuse of prisoners to the press becasue it is showing our troops doing something illegal?

The meetings in France.. What were the meetings about? Were they diplomatic? Was he promising aid to the Noth VN? Don't bother brining up the pictur of him with Jane Fonda at the same location.
A: They are not even talkign tone annother and the picture only proves that they are at the same place.

B: it has already been shown that the picture was taken a year before Jane Fonda supported the North VN.

I know there will be alot of very enraged posts to this but I honestly want to know.


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