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The Monster Within

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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 09:09 PM
This isn't your typical Casey is Guilty thread. I'd appreciate it if you would just bear with me and continue reading.
Thank you.

I was checking out some of the video clips of the Casey Anthony hearing today and noticed that one of the clips gave us a peak into a part of her personality that many haven't seen and nobody has spoken about.

First, let me start by saying that today's hearing had much to do with her psychological profile and how she's been handling herself in jail. The guards who testified today have said the same thing that all her close friends have said. She was always smiling and happy. Nobody has ever said that she was someone who lashes out or even loses her temper. Her brother's fiance was crying when she was recounting the "special bond" Casey and Caylee had together. Not one of her friends or family members ever spoke about her ever losing her patience with her daughter.

The court commentators and analysts after the hearing began talking about DID, or Disassociative Identity Disorder. For those who aren't familiar, people with this condition can put on a happy face no matter what and are able to compartmentalize their emotions. I won't go into this any further because there is plenty of information you can research about this on the web. I just wanted to bring this up because of who Casey reminded me of in the clip I watched, so forgive me for moving on without further explanation. Besides, I don't want to say that she has this when it's only speculative.

The majority of people who are relatively psychologically healthy, well-adjusted, and not suffering from DID are able to feel the appropriate emotions and express them in a mature manner.

For those who have been watching the trial, you'll agree that she's usually very stoic. She has been seen "crying" at times, but many say that the majority of these times have been alligator tears. I agree with this and have noticed that most of her real tears are when she is being discussed -- not her daughter. She seems very self absorbed and someone who seeks the limelight. I also love the way she immediately acts as though she's wiping her eyes after she's been laughing. It must get confusing for her at times!

So, to get to my point and subsequent observation, very few people have testified about her ability to control her anger. Her parents have briefly touched upon this, but never fully expanded upon it and none of the lawyers seem to be interested in this aspect of her personality. The only thing I remember hearing was when her father was testifying about her returning the gas cans to him and he said that she basicly dropped them at his feet and said, "Here's your [SNIP]ing gas cans!"

I mean, let's face it. We all get angry and have said things we regret out of anger. But, I believe that we saw a side of Casey in court today that she has tried extremely hard to keep under wraps from her friends and those closest to her. THe side of her that is the monster.

Here's the short clip.
Sorry I don't know how to embed, but notice her ferocious facial expression, the way she grits her teeth, and pulls her collar up around her neck. She is obviously quite angry at Jose Baez and she's saying something to Cheney Mason about him. You can see Baez smirking in the video. Has he discovered which buttons to push? There has been rumors about him and her being intimate. Is this why she's trying to cover up her neck? You have to agree that her body language speaks volumes.

Well, the clip reminded me of another person who was viewed as very nice and mannerly. Nobody ever mentioned this man's temper either. Can you guess who I'm speaking of?
Well, one of his rare outbursts was also caught on camera during his trial and everyone said that this is the only picture of the true monster that he actually was. The beast he tried so hard to conceal.
Infamous photo:

Casey's display of seething anger immediately reminded me of Ted Bundy's outburst.
They may not be the same caliber of criminal, but there are some striking similarities in theri personalities.
Here is a list of characteristics they share:
Attractive; Well dressed and presented themselves well
Hightened ability to lie; chameleon-like
Charismatic; able to blend into most situations
Partying lifestyle
Seen smiling and laughing most of the time
Egocentric; Self-absorbed

Well, I realize that this has been a lengthy thread and I'd like to thank those who made it through.

Any other similarities anyone else notices? Maybe another person besides Bundy that has displayed the hidden monster and it was caught on camera?

Oh! I almost forgot!
Here's a slideshow of Casey pulling a Lindsey Lohan in court.

It's on the very first picture of the slideshow. It certainly looks as though she's flipping the courtroom off!
And here's ol' Lindsey with her strategically painted fingernail:
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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 09:15 PM
It's pretty obvi she a killer and who ever said that they googles chloroform should be thrown in jail with her.

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 09:34 PM
reply to post by mb2591

Well, yes. I agree.
You don't have any comments about the connection I made or her psychological characteristics? Anything related to the thread?

I really was hoping this was going to delve deeper than just a conversation about her guilt.
Or, rather, her lack of guilt. As in she has no remorse for what she most likely did.
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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 07:55 AM

Originally posted by mb2591
It's pretty obvi she a killer and who ever said that they googles chloroform should be thrown in jail with her.

I think I missed something here. Did you say anyone who googles chloroform should be thrown in jail? Surely you are kidding.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 08:09 AM
TRYING to get back on topic............

Ted Bundy was so pompous that he actually wanted to represent himself in court. Casey most likely wants to take the stand. Today, she chose to answer the judge's question without the presence of her attorneys.

Add this to the list of parallels in my original post.

Here's a great link for more info on Ted Bundy

One glaring difference (I believe) is that Ted Bundy finally admitted what he did. I don't believe we'd ever hear this from Casey.

People, can we please stick with the psychological aspects I've mentioned? I'd even be willing to discuss DID characteristics and other killers who may be suffering from this mental disorder.
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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 08:55 AM
There is an ongoing recentCasey Anthony thread HERE. Please add thoughts to that thread.


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