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A Personal Account of Police Abuse

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posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 08:57 PM
Not my personal account but a story of a man in Southern Arizona in the town of Sierra Vista who had to stay calm while dealing with the Border Patrol (BP). Luckily, no one got hurt thanks to the local Police showing up.

They used the exact same terrorist tactics, fear and initiated force against me. No way to imagine my horror, I was flat out terrorized by thugs, with badges. There is no way it can be justified without logical errors of circular reasoning,(No you can’t search my vehicle is not reasonable anything. It is my legal right.) And were never justified in any action taken against me; It upsets me to think I can’t defend myself against unjustified actions, and what would have happened if SV PD had not showed up

It is important to read the individuals recounting thoroughly before passing judgment, many readers support a police state saying as my own mother says, “ they are authority ” the question raised for most of us however is, who gives them “ this authority? ” This was originally published on a solid source for news and opinion from a point of view that generally leaves the government out of it, located here – expand your horizons.

Living in Hell: A Personal Account of Police Abuse During the Monument Fire

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