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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 01:02 PM


##################### CHINGA LA MIGRA BULLETIN #1 6/23/2011 ####################

We are releasing hundreds of private intelligence bulletins, training manuals,
personal email correspondence, names, phone numbers, addresses and passwords
belonging to Arizona law enforcement. We are targeting AZDPS specifically
because we are against SB1070 and the racial profiling anti-immigrant police
state that is Arizona.

The documents classified as "law enforcement sensitive", "not for public
distribution", and "for official use only" are primarily related to border
patrol and counter-terrorism operations and describe the use of informants to
infiltrate various gangs, cartels, motorcycle clubs, Nazi groups, and protest

Every week we plan on releasing more classified documents and embarassing
personal details of military and law enforcement in an effort not just to reveal
their racist and corrupt nature but to purposefully sabotage their efforts to
terrorize communities fighting an unjust "war on drugs".

Hackers of the world are uniting and taking direct action against our common
oppressors - the government, corporations, police, and militaries of the world.
See you again real soon! ;D




DrAnthrax: Hi. This is Agent Phillips, FBI.
[20:26] Elite: Agent Snodder, NSA
[20:26] DrAnthrax: Hi Agent Snodder. You need to get your technical staff to mask your hostname
[20:27] Elite: yeah, that’s probably a problem
[20:27] Elite: we’re having some proxy issues over here at the moment
[20:27] DrAnthrax: How are you guys getting on with these LulzSec idiots?
[20:27] Elite: not making much progress
[20:28] Elite: they mostly spam the channel with useless crap
[20:28] DrAnthrax: We’ve managed to infiltrate the outer layer of trusted associates of the group
[20:29] DrAnthrax: Hopefully we should be sharing some information, make your jobs a little easier
[20:29] Elite: that would be most helpful
[20:29] DrAnthrax: We’re not far away from making some arrests
[20:30] Elite: they’re planning on announcing some hacks today on Twitter, I believe
[20:30] Elite: hopefully we can get some more information soon
[20:30] DrAnthrax: Hah yeah today and every other day
[20:31] Elite: Today’s should be more significant, hopefully
[20:31] DrAnthrax: Well, there should be way more information coming through the pipeline soon.
[20:31] Elite: excellent
[20:31] DrAnthrax: Right now we’re deciding how to go, do we arrest the minor members and hope they roll over, or try and get information out of them the undercover route
[20:31] DrAnthrax: What would you guys do over at NSA?
[20:32] Elite: we’re taking the passive stance
[20:32] Elite: hoping they’ll leak information as they continue
[20:32] DrAnthrax: It’s clear we need to have an interdepartmental meeting on this issue
[20:32] Elite: yes, I don’t know why we haven’t
[20:32] DrAnthrax: I was just thinking the same. To be honest with you I wasn’t aware you guys were working on it
[20:33] Elite: this is a matter of national security, and that’s our job
[20:33] DrAnthrax: I understand completely
[20:33] Elite: I’m curious, do you have any associates in here?
[20:33] Elite: or is it just us?
[20:34] DrAnthrax: There are lots of FBI in here but most are undercover operatives
[20:34] DrAnthrax: I’m not, which is why I’m talking to you
[20:34] Elite: as, as I would imagine
[20:34] DrAnthrax: I just observe, try to establish trust, etc.
[20:34] DrAnthrax: But if I’m exposed it doesn’t effect the operation at all
[20:35] Elite: I was supposed to be anonymous, we’ll have to get the hostmasking fixed
[20:35] Elite: I’ll need a new alias
[20:35] DrAnthrax: Yes I’d say so.
[20:35] Elite: otherwise, I’m the only agent from my department in here right now
[20:35] DrAnthrax: Do you guys have a document giving guidelines on how to pick an alias?
[20:36] DrAnthrax: “Elite” isn’t really suitable in my opinion, not that I’m telling you how to do your job or anything
[20:36] DrAnthrax: But it would go against our guidelines
[20:36] Elite: we have guidelines, and I adhere to them
[20:36] DrAnthrax: Fair enough.
[20:37] Elite: as for the alias though, they don’t seem to mind it
[20:37] Elite: I’ve been in here a few times with the hostmasking working
[20:37] Elite: they all think I’m just another hacker
[20:37] Elite: well, until now
[20:37] DrAnthrax: The guys in this channel aren’t the ones you want to be targeting though
[20:37] Elite: oh of course not, most of them are just kids
[20:38] DrAnthrax: Well, as are the core LulzSec members
[20:38] Elite: except for tmesis
[20:38] DrAnthrax: Tmesis is affiliated
[20:38] DrAnthrax: But not in the core group
[20:39] DrAnthrax: Are you aware of the aliases of members?
[20:39] Elite: actually I’m not
[20:39] Elite: I would assume the channel operators were members
[20:40] DrAnthrax: No, I’m afraid they aren’t making it that easy
[20:40] DrAnthrax: The channel operators are trusted by the members
[20:40] DrAnthrax: but not members themselves
[20:40] Elite: hmm, very interesting
[20:40] DrAnthrax: Sabu, Topiary, and Joepie91 are the aliases of the core group
[20:40] DrAnthrax: With Sabu taking a leadership role
[20:41] Elite: only 3?
[20:41] DrAnthrax: We believe there may be others but those are the ones we believe who have done the bulk of the criminal activity
[20:42] Elite: have you determined which ones are using the twitter account?
[20:42] DrAnthrax: Topiary claims it is him
[20:43] DrAnthrax: We have logs of him
[20:43] Elite: is your department working with Twitter?
[20:44] DrAnthrax: They refuse to release server logs without a warrant of course
[20:44] DrAnthrax: As usual
[20:44] Elite: yes, as expected, we’ve yet to issue a subpoena
[20:45] DrAnthrax: We’re not going to waste the time
[20:45] Elite: however, that will probably provide to be useless, as they’re surely behind proxies
[20:45] DrAnthrax: Precisely our thinking
[20:45] DrAnthrax: The one area where they demonstrate skill is online anonymity
[20:45] DrAnthrax: Everything else I’m told is very basic stuff
[20:46] DrAnthrax: But they are clever at hiding themselves
[20:46] Elite: yes, probably via means of the Tor network
[20:46] DrAnthrax: You guys should have a look at this twitter account
[20:46] DrAnthrax:!/LandryTom
[20:47] DrAnthrax: It’s another hacker who is warring with LulzSec
[20:47] Elite: yes, female we believe
[20:47] Elite: an independent though
[20:47] DrAnthrax: Yes. Very useful to have these people
[20:49] DrAnthrax: Allied to th3j35t3r
[20:49] DrAnthrax: Who you guys at the NSA must be a huge fan of!
[20:49] Elite: yes, he’s an interesting character as well
[20:49] DrAnthrax: Fighting the good fight against Islamic Fundamentalism
[20:50] Elite: haha
[20:50] DrAnthrax: The reason we are interested in the hacker who runs the LandryTom twitter is that they claim to have a mole in LulzSec
[20:50] DrAnthrax: Although they refuse to work with us
[20:50] Elite: hmm, not surprising they refused to work with the FBI
[20:50] DrAnthrax: We believe it’s a group behind that twitter btw, not a lone woman
[20:51] Elite: yes, that may very well be the case
[20:51] Elite: we have to gather more data
[20:51] DrAnthrax: Well, they didn’t refuse to work with us per se. They said they were dedicated to revealing the identities of LulzSec members and they would be happy to let us know as soon as they do
[20:52] DrAnthrax: But they wouldn’t give us access to the mole
[20:52] Elite: another security group was talking about releasing the identities about a week ago
[20:52] Elite: I believe their website just ended up getting hacked instead
[20:52] DrAnthrax: I doubt they knew
[20:53] DrAnthrax: No one seems to know
[20:53] Elite: I don’t think they’ve disclosed their identities
[20:53] Elite: not even to trusted affiliates
[20:53] DrAnthrax: They don’t even know who each other are, as far as we can tell
[20:53] DrAnthrax: That’s why we haven’t arrested these affiliates yet
[20:53] Elite: do you suspect that they’re all American?
[20:53] DrAnthrax: To be honest I have a hunch that none of them are American
[20:54] DrAnthrax: But that’s not based on anything other than intuition
[20:54] Elite: I understand
[20:54] DrAnthrax: We’ve seen them using UK english before
[20:54] Elite: I feel the same way
[20:55] DrAnthrax: The guys at the High Tech Crimes Unit of the Metropolitan Police in London are working on it too, we’ve been in contact with them and shared information
[20:55] Elite: are they any closer than we are?
[20:56] DrAnthrax: Not yet, but I have huge respect for them and their skills. I’ve worked with them before taking down a pedophile ring
[20:56] DrAnthrax: and they were very good at what they did
[20:56] Elite: good to know
[20:57] DrAnthrax: Yes, as an agency, we’ve worked closely with them many times to great results
[20:57] DrAnthrax: and I can personally vouch for that
[20:57] DrAnthrax: What’s your email address Agent Snodder?
[20:58] DrAnthrax: I’m about to email my boss suggesting an interdepartmental meeting, I’d like to CC you in
[20:58] Elite: I can’t disclose that over an unencrypted transmission
[20:58] Elite: I’m not using SSL
[20:58] Elite: again, we’re having some network issues over here, things are a bit of a mess
[20:58] Elite: figures it happens on a Sunday
[20:59] Elite: I’ll have my senior advisor contact your department tomorrow morning
[20:59] DrAnthrax: I’m surprised that your email address is any more privileged than your name on an unencrypted transmission, but your policy is your policy
[21:00] Elite: in the event that they have logs, we don’t want any attempts at email hacking
[21:00] Elite: I’m sure your department feels the same way
[21:00] DrAnthrax: We have no such policy though, I’m at
[21:00] DrAnthrax: Our department is pretty confident that our internal systems are secure
[21:00] DrAnthrax: At least against the likes of these kids
[21:01] Elite: I would hope so, but we always fear and expect the worst over here
[21:01] DrAnthrax: I suppose that goes with the territory
[21:01] DrAnthrax: alright, I’ll let you get on with fixing your hostmask
[21:01] DrAnthrax: Hopefully I’ll put a face to the name at the interdepartmental meeting
[21:01] Elite: it’s been a pleasure, Agent Phillips
[21:02] Elite: hopefully
[21:02] DrAnthrax: Likewise Agent Snodder

edit on 24-6-2011 by Anunakki because:

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by Anunakki

Yeah, because releasing personal info is such a high road.
What a load of crap.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 01:07 PM
Why not go after and expose travesties that actually affect our citizens, not the illegal ones.

Why not go after big business, banks, pharma and insurance companies, this is where the real crimes are.

Get this straightened out, then I would have no problems in working on what is right or wrong about how to handle illegal immigration, this is just a drop in the bucket as to what is really going on in this country.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 01:11 PM
Wondering what file this is ? files/fallenangel.pdf

files/Street Slang.pdf

files/Right-Wing Extremists Part 1.wmv

files/Racial Profiling Draft Report.pdf

files/Racial Profiling.docx

files/Radical Islamist Tattoos 0210.pdf

and many more

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 01:13 PM

files/Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation FINAL (2).pdf

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by Anunakki

That log seems made up.. Feds use way more periods and capital letters and comas and #

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 01:20 PM
Al-Qaida Media Campaign and Overseas Activities Sustain Heightened Threat to Homeland,dated 28 September 2007.pdf !

files/01-04 The Truth.pdf

Need to wait for the torrent to be done.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by mb2591
reply to post by Anunakki

That log seems made up.. Feds use way more periods and capital letters and comas and #

I noticed that too. It seemed that the log was not released to show proof FBI and NSA was social hacking. "Agent Snodder" is obviously lulzsec sniffing around an exposed FBA agent and gaining information, for free, through the stupidity of the FBI agent. The only question in my mind is if the the FBI agent was a kid oretending to be an FBI agent and trying to do some social hacking of his own. These 2 "feds" may have both been undercover Anonymous members.

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