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GLOBAL DANCE RESURRECTION DAY 2011 - Maybe the resurrection of humanity?

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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 12:19 PM
Personally I am "universal spirituralist" whatever the hell that is. But, I am of Christ mind which stresses love and forgiveness, non judging another, living together and helping each other not hurting each other.

Found this happy, uplifting video labeled, "Christian Resurrection Dance".

Imagine, while watching this video, if we could all get our *hit together for just five minutes, one day, one universal time, every single man, woman and child decided to do this one happy dance together as a single tribe................humanity.

Again, I am not religious - I am spiritual and the sight of so many souls joyfully united in dance touched me.

If everyone for just five minutes could put down their weapons, their hate, their greed and just join together and unite as one in dance, imagine the positive energy that we all TOGETHER could radiate.

Maybe even the resurrection of humanity.

Name the time and place in Chicago and I'm there. I've got these little dance steps mastered.

We are at a critical cross roads folks.

The choice is yours and mine. Live in light and love or darkness and hate.

Do we let TPTB, a elite hand full, hell bent on distracting us, dividing us, dumbing us down and destroying us win or do we unite through love and unity and show the few that they cannot control the many, the majority of us?

The choice rests with each and everyone of us.

Your call.

This simple video made me hopeful for five minutes that maybe there are enough of us out there to make a difference.

Remember; Love is the answer, everything else is an illusion.

Enjoy the video I hope it uplifts your spirits like it did mine.

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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 10:31 AM
agree sister

forget TPTB, forgive them... dont give our focus and tought to them. (its empowering them)
We are co-creators.
Focused into light and love will make the changes for better, they willl be absorbed, believe it.
Finding the good, dont seeking the bad even in the worst scenary.
Loving all our bro/sis. Enjoy life, laugh... spread the light, genuine love. We are one, everyone in this 3d world.
and yes... DANCE! dancing we are raising our vibes and of course of this realm too

Love you sister, thanks for share it

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