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PRIONS: Is Your Food Really Safe? -- CJD, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Lou Gehrig's, Multiple Sclerosis

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posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 12:28 PM

Originally posted by Bachrk
Thank you for the info. I am a little torn by this. I have Multiple Sclerosis and drink a full glass of milk every night without an issue. BUT right before I began having symptoms of MS approx. 12yrs ago, I was big into bodybuilding and drank protein powder and milk or protein powder and water several times a day. I also consumed a LOT of Splenda in tea.

I for some reason feel the Splenda either activated a gene mutation which led to MS from my possibly having a silent genetic disposition for MS or I had MS much longer than I knew, and the abundance of Splenda I was using brought the MS to a head. I do have a lot of immune system issues in my family. MS and Systemic Lupus.

I do not use any MS interferons or other MS drugs despite my neuro's pressure to do so. If I feel bad I take MMS which has helped a lot.

It's probably a good thing that you refuse the interferons. The premise behind that is that doctors were given billions in research funds to find a CAUSE for MS. When they failed to find a disease-causing agent, they then succombed to the claim that "the immune system was attacking for no reason."

The immune system always attacks for a reason. I'll state that again...the immune system always attacks for a REASON. Just because some doctors wasted billions in research doesn't give them sloppy-rights to claim "it's just doing it for no reason." They should have spent more time in a lab instead of the golf course.

So - like it or not - there is a disease-causing agent in MS that CAUSES the normal protein structure in myelin sheaths to change to an abnormal protein structure. And once the abnormal protein is there...the immune system destroys the infected myelin sheath. If you take an interferon, then you are stopping the immune system from fighting the disease-causing agent that changes the normal proteins to abnormal protein structures. It'd be the same as the practice of leeching in the 1500s--when someone was sick and their immune system was fighting an infection doctors would place leeches to "suck the hot blood out". Dumb eh! Interferons are no different than the practice of leeching.

The only people who have put their MS into full remission BOOSTED their immune system and eliminated all dairy products from their diet. Each seems to have their own unique diet though. Some paleolithich, some vegan with no milk, some organic switching to soy/rice milk. But they all boosted their immune systems.

There's supposed to be a graph in this link for milk consumption and MS by Dr. Ashton Embry who's son had MS at age 18- eliminated all dairy and has been in Full Remission since.

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 12:33 PM
I just ate a nice 14 ounce sirloin steak with garlic bread and an ice cold glass of milk and all i can say is...........................................................................................................................................


posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 01:54 PM
Thanks for posting this.
I was considering a daily protein shake for a few months, but I think I will search other sources.

I wish that individuals could be empowered to measure the quality of their own food. I'd like to see the USDA stop that in court. I'm sure a website could find plenty of volunteers to test the food in their local area and report the results.

I am so tired of these tax payer supported agencies acting to enrich the revenue of large corporations (and for what, they can't get any larger). I think the time is coming and governments are going to lose control. I say good riddance. Everyone wants to feel safe about their food to the highest extent possible within reason and I don't think the USDA/FDA provides that.

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 07:21 PM
reply to post by MapMistress
I read that Alzheimer's and Lou Gehrig Disease can be reversed and /or cured simply by giving the victim large daily doses of antibiotics,since these types of diseases are causes by a spirochaete parasite. Over a twenty year infestation in the blood stream and pancrease, billions of dead spirochaetes build up plaque that even clog the isles of Langerhans-causing Diabetes B. So, stay away from ticks while hiking in the woods.

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 01:26 PM
If you really enjoy your cow products, find a very small, local, organic, biodynamic farm that you can visit, talk to the owners, see how everything is handled, and then make an informed decision about what you put into your body. Since most of us don't have the resources to keep animals of our own...

Before industry utterly perverted animal products, they were actually amazingly nutritious things.

It's not the cows that are dirty... it is the filthy farming practices. There are small farmers out there who find what big industry does equally abhorrent. *Find them!*

I was vegan for nearly a decade because factory farming is horrifying. Then I ran into some cholesterol/hormone related problems that can only be fixed with animal products... found Weston A. Price, indigenous nutrition, and realized that despite the fact factory farming is horrible, it's better not to throw the baby out with the bath water. There is always wild food and biodynamic farming... keep industry and factory out of the equation.

I wouldn't touch anything I didn't source myself. Not even if my parents made it for dinner. I've been in the food industry for a very long time, and the LAST people you want to trust handling your food are big corporations. So many people eat restaurant food, and cheap supermarket food. If you're concerned about keeping your brain intact, avoiding prions, and all of these diseases, it's the last thing you want on your plate.

Good note about the CWD though.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 06:36 PM
Where are all these Prions coming from?

Why are Prions immune to the otherwise sterilizing and protein-denaturing effects of boiling, grilling, roastin etc and other high temperature thorough cooking methods?

Why does it take up to around 10 years incubation in the brain in some cases?

Why is the disease 100% fatal and there NO effective cures or treatments once infected?

What is so VARIABLE about CJD? And why are humans transmitting it to other humans if its supposedly only living in brain cells?

Why are DEER and SHEEP also being infected and possibly passing prion diseases unto human now, too?

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