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Trying to make sense of Conspiracies...need help

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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 07:10 PM
I have been paging through ATS trying to make sense of a mess called "conspiracies". I say it is a mess because most of the conspiracies do not seem to be connected.

For example, we have a conspiracy about the Illuminati and the Masons. Now how is the Illuminai, Masons and the Bilderberg Group connected? is it the same conspiracy group?

Religion it seems is another conspiracy that somehow gave birth to other conspiracies like suppression of information on alien existence. Another conspiracy is that of the rhesus negative factor which I guess falls under alien conspiracy.

Now let's say it is true that one group is responsible for all of these conspiracies...why is it really important for this group to control such information? After so many centuries, is it true that they haven't found what they were looking for? What is their true purpose? Is it to save mankind or is it to save themselves? Are aliens involved in the conspiracy? And why are corporations using the sun disk/solar disk symbols for company logos? Are they pledging their alliance to the winged globe?

Now what if this group has lost its initial vision or goal? what if this group was originally meant to do the best for mankind but then along the way, ideas and people changed. The group then split into the groups we see today.

If these group is real, does it really matter? Are they the greatest conspiracy ever?

What is the greatest conspiracy ever? Is it not "believing" we are something that we are actually not?

Isn't the mind such a great thing?

Here is a nice vid of a phenomenon that happened in china. Wouldn't it be great if we knew what and who we were?

I dont think the vid is about aliens so forget the title...

Here is another ridiculous conspiracy about the illuminati cloning people

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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by LiveEquation

ill put it simple most of the conspiracy stuff o n youtube is speculative be careful what you trust

as for the free masons, illuminatti, bilderberg thing. some say the illuminatti merged or took over the freemasons. some say they went into hiding, some say they never existed. bilderrberg is also thoguht to be the new illuminatti by some people. but i am by no meanss even close to knowledgeible about the illuminatti or freemasons

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 07:48 PM
Some conspiracies are loonier than others and some people whole heartedly believe that said conspiracies are true, but with that being said it seems like you're trying to connect ALL conspiracies together... I believe that most conspiracies are individual in their circumstances and not interconnected. I think a lot of people on this site also take more interest in political "conspiracies" even though the majority of these so-called conspiracies are factual.

I hope that made sense.
Take it easy

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 08:29 PM
You have to realize that we're ALL here to try to make sense of it all. Some see conspiracies everywhere; some see different aspects of a single large conspiracy; some reject certain conspiracies but accept others; some roll their own; some are here to troll and debunk; and some are "agents," here to spread misinformation and disinformation so as to continue to hide the real truth. It's completely up to the individual to decide what's "embracing" and what's "denying" ignorance....
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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 09:20 PM
Just out of curiosity, what conspiracy do you guyz and girls think are true?

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 11:40 PM
reply to post by LiveEquation

OK. Let's start with this:
Top Obama czar: Infiltrate all 'conspiracy theorists' Presidential adviser wrote about crackdown on expressing opinions

In a lengthy academic paper, President Obama's regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, argued the U.S. government should ban "conspiracy theorizing."

Among the beliefs Sunstein would ban is advocating that the theory of global warming is a deliberate fraud.


Sunstein said government agents "might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action."

Sunstein defined a conspiracy theory as "an effort to explain some event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who have also managed to conceal their role."

Some "conspiracy theories" recommended for ban by Sunstein include:

* "The theory of global warming is a deliberate fraud."

* "The view that the Central Intelligence Agency was responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

* "The 1996 crash of TWA flight 800 was caused by a U.S. military missile."

* "The Trilateral Commission is responsible for important movements of the international economy."

* "That Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by federal agents."

* "The moon landing was staged and never actually occurred."

That's from the WorldNetDaily site around January 2010. It's been discussed to death here on ATS, but unless you've been lurking for a good while you probably missed it.

So there's the "meta-conspiracy" of the government encouraging "sock puppets" to infiltrate the ATS-type sites and "debunk" (I guess that's the word I'm looking for) the conspiracists--or, from our point of view, sow confusion and doubt through disinformation/misinformation.

And then there's the matter of the conspiracies themselves--both the ones listed above and literally any number of others you can name. Personally, the only one in that particular list that I *don't* buy into is the hoaxed moon landing.

There are plenty of others: 9/11 being an inside job, government UFO coverup--you don't have to look far on ATS to find out the big ones. Some of them I have my doubts about. For example, I can't seem to pin myself down to a particular belief on 9/11. (Although I have no doubt that it was a false-flag event, I just can't make up my mind how exactly it was carried out and who knew what when.)

Now, for all I know, you may very well be one of the government sock-puppets I spoke of, coming here asking disengenuous questions just to gauge reaction and find out who's advocating violent overthrow and how much further we can be pushed, etc., etc. If that's the case--well, I can't exactly wish you good luck....

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 03:29 AM
Spending a while looking over a lot of this stuff, here is my take on the situation

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 05:39 AM
Here is my versio of the reader's digest of Conspiracies....

There are people in the world that follow evil....they follow money and power and all that go with it, but mainly it's power. As such, spiritually...they have sold themselves to Satan/Devil/the sun god/ Baal/ Molech/ Baphomet....whatever you call it. They basically follow the ancient sun worship religion...including sacrificial rites, astronomical and astrological charts and cycles....

They tie these into all things and use the rest of the world for their selfish interests and advance and enrichment. The look down on the rest of us with a smikful disdain, like little iggnorant children, to be used and abused. They mock us with images and symbols hidden in plain view....some of us see these symbols...others do not. In fact, many of the world or "sheeple" have not one iota of awareness of what is actually going on.

These evil, world wide manipulators take on several forms incarnate...the Illuminati...the Bilderbergers...the sub groups like the Masons... they have even infiltrated and manipulated the best and worst of society...the catholic Church and churches in general....charitable groups...enviromental groups...businesses.. government.

They are setting up a network in physical and spiritual form, through murder....espionage.... monetary systems...preparring the world for the coming of their god/ gods/ Satran/ Lucifer....aliens... etc. They have been doing so for millenia...Tower of Babel...Summeria/ Babylon/Rome/Vatican/Washington DC/Denver/3rd Reich

In the words of Wiiliam Cooper..."it's not what you believe, it's what they believe."

Basically...the Book of the Revelation of John...endtimes hell on earth kinda stuff.... when Satan will , for however long, rule the earth and his minions, Illuminati-Bilderbergers, with him.

They use major events to manipulate the geo-political world, society, culture, and religion. JFK assasination, 9/11. Bohemian Grove, Haarp and Fukushima, the attempted assasination of Reagan, VietNam War, Nazi Germany, aliens and UFOs, GMO foods, HIV/aides, vaccinations, additives to water, religion, NASA, Obama, Busch I and II, FDR, Jekyll Island and the Fed.

They put their mockery of us on our money and in our the eye of Horus on the dollar bill, the Washington Monument in relation to the Capitol Dome as phallus and womb...the masonic layout of Washington DC, the "coincidences" of landings and takeoffs tied in with pagan/solar/lunar events...for instance..the most recent shuttle launch was to be May1...Mayday...the alternative launch was the eve of the full moon...and it returned on the eve of the new moon. There are no coincidences.

What ATS and its members do here, is bring incidences and observations to the forefront, brings to light information on events that first appear unrelated... but with a little digging, show that yes, they are related and in the most sinister way. For instance... Bush Jr goes to war with Bin Laden Jr...have a big war on terrorism...that takes a lot of weapons and weapons developement....Guess what? Bush and the Bin Laden family both are board members of the Carlysle Group...a group of investors in military and weapons developement...straight from CBS Money site about 6 years ago. or how about if john Hinkley Jr had killed Ronald reagan...then Vice Pres GHW Bush would have been president sooner. Guesswhat? Hinkley's mom and dad are good friends with GHW Bush and members of the same yacht club. Coincidence?

That is what ATS conspiracies are all about... a continuing war of iggnorance vs knowledge of what is really happening in the world around you.

Case in point... look around now. The Ft Calhoun Nuclear Plant is on the verge of flooding....maybe the next Fukushima? Guess what? For July 9-10-11, FEMA has a long standing mass evacuation exercise scheduled for Council Bluffs, Iowa...about an hour south of Ft Calhoun. Will this be the next trigger/ flag event ? I personally have seen over the last few weeks long convoys of humvees and US military deploying across, a large Marine exercise is scheduled for now...but these guys were traveling west and north and south...not east here in NC....some convoys with as many as 20+ vehicles about 20-30 minutes apart over the last few weeks? Hmmm...

Imagine July4th week...everyones away on vacation and traveling, big event happens, populace away from home and vulnerable...good time to send them to the camps.

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