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perception of time

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posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 06:43 AM
i can’t remember who but i remember the story of an old philosopher wondering that if my judgement of everything is perceived by my senses, and my senses could be wrong then how do i know that what I’m sensing is real or what it appears...along them lines anyway

now i have come to the opinion that time is a physical element, if it can be manipulated by energy (movement) then clearly it has some chemical property or substance of the might not be a physical element that we understand but its obvious that it effects everything and controls the world around us..remember gravity is very much the same and people once laughed at the concept

so how can we be sure that what we sense is real?

one think that i have noticed is that sometimes sound can seem altered..
it is hard to explain but sometimes mostly technological sounds such as beeps sound to me as though they are longer sounds then they appear..if you listen carefully to short sharp sounds i believe there is an easy way to perceive them differently that almost makes them sound like they are taken longer or are not as sure this does not make much sense but im sure someone will understand

do you think people have a hard time understanding the vastness of time?
the fact that the human species is but a speck of dust on the sandy beach of time...

could we be tricking ourselves that things happen much quicker then they actually do..

another thing that i believe proves time and matter are one in the same is the similarities between different stages and types of life and matter..

single cells, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells seem to act a lot like the entire universe.. Orbiting like the nucleus etc... animals group and have relationships, not emotionally but physically similar to cells and the universe...the repeating Fibonacci spiral also has a time element to its appearance..
there is obviously a key factor that influences everything, why couldn’t this be time..

whatever the truth is behind time. i know the human race has a lot to learn
because time is not what it appears, or what we understand it as

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 06:52 AM
very interesting observation.

sometimes I wonder the same, how much we actually know about the time and matter that surrounds us?

we can perceive only one part of the spectrum and who knows what is actually happening around us that we cannot feel, hear or see.

I also think our senses are being manipulated and degraded intentionally for some time now throughout the means of mass media and schools, official line...

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 07:06 AM
Time is very much linked with gravity. The thing that always amazed me about time is that it is relative. I find that mind-blowing. So how one perceives time is directly related to the gravitational field level they are in, and being stationary in a gravitational field is the same as a constant acceleration.

So I think time is experienced differently by different people, but not really due to the same factors as I described above. There is time in the biological sense, which relates to neurons firing in one's brain, and essentially, their "being." This is a really tricky subject, and one must tread lightly with speculation and/or assumptions.

It is a very interesting subject. As to the repetition of certain patterns in nature, I suppose that is mainly due to practicality, but it does make one wonder about intelligent design, because through random destruction and creation I wouldn't think there would be so much order.

Since sound is basically a vibration carried through a medium, in the case of Earth it is the atmosphere, it can be manipulated and distorted by certain occurrences. The doppler effect, for instance, causes sounds to change pitch relative to the observer, the observer's motion, and the motion of the sound source. I find things such as this extremely interesting.

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