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The Lifelong Cost of the Smallest Hamster in the World.

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posted on Nov, 3 2011 @ 07:26 AM
I haven't updated this in a while. Don't worry, I haven't been neglecting her, just been busy!

Thing is, this gets awkward with Howard around, because everything is shared out and it probably isn't a stright split. But, because I literally cannot sit and work out what exact percentage of food/shavings each little'n uses, I'll just take it at face value and split down the middle.

So in the past few months? Weeks? I dunno... Either way, the free supplies ran out and new stuff needed to be bought. So, we have:
1 bag of food: £2.39 so £1.15 (she uses more food what with Howard's diabetes, so I'll round this up)
1 bag of safe bedding (sleepies): 99p so 44p (he uses more)
2 bags of lemon scented shavings (they smell lush!) at £2.49 each, so we'll give her one at £2.49
And 1 bag of scented cage cleaning wipes because they're easier than the spray (especially to clean wheels!) and you don't need to keep going into the bathroom for loo roll at £2.29 so we'll say £1.14
That, in total, is £5.22

£60.25 + £5.22

Stacking up, innit? Haven't even had her a year yet!

Hakuna Matata

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