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Information/Data privacy already established in 1912 or what is this about?

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posted on Jun, 18 2011 @ 07:15 AM
During a research on the titanic I stumbled across this original footage from 1912 which I haven't seen before and which I find amazing already

Saved from the titanic

I am sorry but I wasn't able to embed the video...

What really surprised me the most is seen at approx. 4:02 in the footage where two trawlers are seen (later there is one more to be seen) close to the titanic which have their names blurred or better grayed out... I found this odd since you have to image this a contemporary film from 1912 and I cannot imagine a single reason why the owners of those small trawlers would have wanted the names of their vessels removed... Do you?

Did they have data/information privacy in 1912 in the first place?

Ps: moderators, if I am in the wrong forum pls move this thread to the right one...

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