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Can we really be free of these powers that be?

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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 11:04 AM
Can we really be free of these powers that be?

My first entanglement with the powers that are came when I was very young. You see, I was basically a very imprint-able baby. TPTI had sent me off on this course with complex genetic programing and a very specific and unique DNA.

Early on I began waking up from slumber only to find two people offering me food ( yeah, trying to suck me into their trap ) and telling me I needed to get out of those crappy dipeees. These were only a couple of my initial run ins with TPTB.

Somewhere in my first three years of life, I had a neurotic break. I found that in order to continue on in this symbiotic relationship with the all present PTB, I needed to obey, but first I needed to understand that the natural flow of my being had begun to bring me to what was known as disobedience. I mean, just who dreamed THAT one up. So I simply split myself in two. I became the one of the natural flow and the other, the one of obedience.  And thus began my power struggle with TPTB.

That struggle continued. A list you say. Very similar to yours I think.
Other relatives who were bigger than me.
Most of my parents friends.
Men in uniforms

A large collection of people who would roll their eyes to heaven and then turn their heads away because of me. 

Then of course there was the clique. That group who ran the recess yard at school. And the next school and the next.

Finally. Freedom. I had left the world of lesserness behind. I had graduated by following orders and obeying. I was adult and accepted into the very ranks of the powers that be. Now what?

Job interview. Look like this, speak like this. Give up what I wanted to believe was the natural flow of my being and control it and force it into any of a wide variety of pre-established courses within which I might find happiness for my obedient self.

So I did. 
And I voted.
I voted for a choice between a few men ( hardly ever a choice of women ) who explained why they were the best choice for me to make so that the natural flow of my being might blossom again.

As I've gotten older and older, and older, I realize that the natural flow of my being has always been curtailed. By my parents, by myself, family, friends and society. I was set on this path before there was even enough of me glued together in infancy to have any idea on how to go about being free of the powers that be.

What I've learned, correctly or incorrectly about TPTB, is that in many ways they are similar to me. They all had their primal splits, their neurotic split early on. They have done battle with obedience and obedience has won. 

They are the system. They believe that the natural flow of their beings, of my being, of your being, can only be achieved through first and for most, obedience. This edifice to obedience. This advanced society, this civilization, all built on obedience. Obey or suffer the consequences. Obey or die. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. The adult I am now, understands that it is more that just obedience. It's compromise and inter-action, and all the rest of it. But the three year old staunching of the natural flow to make the parents happy, still sees it as obey, or suffer.

So I have pushed TPTB further and further away from me because I don't WANT to obey. They became the men in uniform, the bosses, the land lords, the government, big business, corporations, commissions, secret societies and globe spanning cabals. Now they are a hand full of very rich elitists who are trying to maneuver the world into a totalitarian future. So what's new? 

Now there are certain powers that be who tell me the Real Powers That Be are lizards.  LIZARDS?? The very concept screams "BELIEVE THIS OR DIE"
Well I will not believe. I will not obey this directive. The only lizard I pay any attention to ( and that fleetingly I hope ) is that lizard brain, that amygdala inside my own skull that developed a freeking million years ago.

And one last thing. I come from freedom and i go back to it, and in between I find it however I can. I WILL be free of these powers that be.

That's my first rant. Take it or leave it.

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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 11:27 AM
My lizard brain also feels your pain, what you say is true. Star and flag for... You.

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