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The Peach Orchard

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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 01:58 AM
Here is some clips from Akiru Kurusawa "Dreams." The film itself was released in 1990.
It is an artistic film compiling a visual group of short stories.
One chapter of this film called "The Peach Orchard," I thought to be appropriate to ATS members
interested in this forum "Fragile Earth."

It is a slow and patient view, but enriched in content. I hope you enjoy and appreciate this visual. Part 1 Part 2

As much as I absolutely love YouTube, If you watch this Film on a large screen some rainy
Sunday afternoon with your beloved one , ones, or alone, only then will you be treated to the level
of that genius of quality so rightly shared by both creater and viewer. Best Regards to you ATS people.

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