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Media Mind Games

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 03:28 PM
You have no doubt heard about the potential 'minimum' that our nearest star, Sol, or the Sun, may be poised upon. You have also probably read the conflicting reports on what this could lead to.

The global warmists are bound and determined that the planet is heating to a crusty hot. But other, very respected desks say otherwise.

What are we to believe? How can the public make sense of these contradictions when they are each presented as fact?

Now there is this earthquake that was centered in Alaska.

It really just happened an hour or so back but... the media is playing the contradiction games with us again. Here's a list of headlines copied and pasted from Google's aggregate page (with link)...

Powerful earthquake jolts Alaska's largest city
Forbes - Rachel D'Oro - ‎4 minutes ago‎
By RACHEL D'ORO , 06.16.11, 04:02 PM EDT ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Alaska's largest city was rocked by a powerful earthquake on Thursday, but there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The earthquake struck with a magnitude of 5.2 shortly after ...

Moderate earthquake rocks Anchorage area
Reuters - Yereth Rosen, Dan Whitcomb - ‎15 minutes ago‎
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.2 rocked the Anchorage area on Thursday morning. The moderate quake, centered about 50 miles southwest of Alaska's largest city, struck at 11:06 am Alaska time, according to

Strong Alaska quake jolts Anchorage
USA Today - Michael Winter - ‎47 minutes ago‎
A strong earthquake has hit Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, just west of Anchorage. The Associated Press says there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries. To report corrections and clarifications, contact Standards

Small Quake Felt from Anchorage to Big Lake
KTVA CBS 11 News Alaska - Colleen Kelly - ‎30 minutes ago‎
A small earthquake could be felt largely across Southcentral Alaska Thursday morning shortly after 11 am The quake clocked in with a modest 5.2 magnitude rumble centered 50 miles southwest of Anchorage, according to reports from the

Google Page:





So, here we are questioning our news media at every turn but... it is not they who get raked over the coals. It is those of us who don't trust them.

San Francisco could get leveled.
Headliner: 'Moderate quake hits Bay Area'

Florida could be swamped.
Headliner: 'Tampa looking for suction hose and pool pumps'

LA could sink into the sea.
Headliner: Lost Angeles?

The media is playing mind games with us.

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 03:47 PM
reply to post by redoubt

Great examples and I agree - MSM is out to keep us confused

this totally made me laugh

LA could sink into the sea.
Headliner: Lost Angeles?

But yeah, on topic - I feel sick every day when I look at MSM headlines and see what they're selling as well as what they're completely ignoring - I have my igoogle set up with 4 different news sources - today when I got up the only one that wasn't headlining "weinergate" was BBC and the top of CNN news was whether or not Russel Crowe was going to be in the new Superman (with weiner right underneath)

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 03:48 PM
Nahhh an 8.8 hit Frisco and a freeway fell and some other structural damage on some 100 year old homes.
5.2 in my book is considered a cute lil quake.
As long as you have a good building code up to 8 all is just fine.
Now you look at a 3rd world nation and no building code, a 5. hits and folks get buried in their homes.
That is why they are considered bad, human stupidity.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 06:43 PM
Yes they do make it hard for the public to know what is going on or to even be concerned of it.

I'm amazed how fast they receive one source* and twist it into many different versions, even for different places and mediums of broadcast. I'm tired of seeing supposed scientific reports(as one member pointed out , as I already knew, researchers are hired by news companies- that might be more common than thought) that something is cancerous and in the next few days, it's fine for you. And now, just now does cell phones link to cancer, didn't the researchers say that years ago but news dismissed it? I don't use a cell, but I drink coffee. To see "new cancer causers, cell!". Next week it will be eggs again. "Eggs are bad for you", "No wait, they ate great for you! Moderation is the key most people know that.

I barely look at MSM news, unless I'm researching and most search engines will only spider that, mainstream fronts for what is really going on. Of course, as you may have seen by now certain search engines use your cookies to determine what to bring up.

Then to hear there so called news reports from people irl, most every time have to explain that they are being fed lies. It goes on and on... On the net at least you can look into other ways to research the news topic in question, however as the net becomes more controlled news will be that of watching TV, all the same twisted truth.

*As it seems in most cases online at least minus news stations competing for the story, even then they are to work with bits and pieces and sensationalize...

Sorry, long read on my observations, but good thread

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