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Is this how they point(aim) HAARP? Tell me what you think.

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 01:56 AM
Ok, So I was replying to another thread about "how they can aim HAARP". The thread was not very informative and I thought I would type this out to see what you all think. Now I know the "usuals" will pop in and say it is not possible....take your meds.....or whatever............that is fine.

Please read......It is a frequency generator.

This thread is not about earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, solar storms, etc....etc......This thread is dedicated to how do they point the darn thing.....This is not the doomsday thread that you were hoping for.... I am sorry.

I repeat....... This thread is dedicated to how they point HAARP.

I have looked and read the Haarp website many

This time I thought I would look a little more closely. Here is a couple of diagrams of the array.

Ok, so we got the array pics out of the way. So lets continue.

Here is what really got me curious on how they point the thing. I guess we should call it angle, I don't know.

During active ionospheric research, the signal generated by the transmitter system is delivered to the antenna array, transmitted in an upward direction, and is partially absorbed, at an altitude between 100 to 350 km (depending on operating frequency), in a small volume a few hundred meters thick and a few tens of kilometers in diameter over the

It is generated in an upward direction? I know that it says over the site. But it also says upwards. This is not a very technical term if you ask me. Look at all of the other complicated words and definitions. Can it be upwards over there a few kilometers away from where it was, or supposed to be? A slight angle change will make a big difference.

up·ward   /ˈʌpwərd/ Show Spelled

[uhp-werd] Show IPA

–adverb Also, up·wards.
1. toward a higher place or position: The birds flew upward.
2. toward a higher or more distinguished condition, rank, level, etc.: His employer wishes to move him upward in the company.
3. to a greater degree; more: fourscore and upward.

Upward. How many degrees one way or the other are we talking here? Upward

As I was reading the glossary, I noticed alot of talking about bending the beam and different paths it can take, or scatter..Here is a few tems that I thought was enteresting.

Type of ABSORPTION occurring wherever the ray path bends
significantly such as near the top of a ray trajectory. Deviative absorption
predominately occurs near a layer critical frequency...........................


Term applied to propagation conditions where a signal may arrive at a
receiving location through more than one geometric path.......................

An ionospheric propagation mode characterized by two successive
Earthward reflections from an ionized layer without an intermediate
ground reflection, usually caused by an ionospheric tilt........

The intersection of the Earth's surface with a plane containing the center
of the Earth and two points on its surface. A great circle is the shortest
distance between those two points. Radio waves usually (but not always)
follow great circle paths from transmitter to receiver.

In this picture, in the lower right hand corner, it looks like they are focussing the beam, and bouncing it off of everything. Hmm. Thats interesting. UHF or not.

I was searching for the parameters...... Here they are.

Some Performance Parameters for the HAARP Antenna System

TextSize...... 1040 feet X 1280 feet

Area...... 30.6 acres
3 Mhz ....100 (20 dB)
10 Mhz..... 1000 (30 dB)
Main Lobe Beamwidth
3 Mhz..... 15 deg
10 Mhz..... 5 deg
Operating Frequency... 2.8 - 10 Mhz
Pointing Angle ......Within 30 degrees of Vertical
Reposition Time...... 15 deg. within 15 microseconds
Polarization....... Left/Right Hand Circular, Linear
Sidelobe Control...... Full - By Element Tapering
Maximum VSWR...... 3.2:1

POINTING ANGLE. It says within 30 degrees of vertical...Within???
This must be the upwards we were referring to earlier. Or is it?

If it says within, does this mean that it can change? Is it a fixed postition? Whenever I read "within", it is not an exact number or range, this is also known as a tolerance. I think we are getting the run-a-round here.

tol·er·ance noun ˈtä-lə-rən(t)s, ˈtäl-rən(t)s

the allowable deviation from a standard; especially : the range of variation permitted in maintaining a specified dimension in machining a piece

Also, why is there a reposition time? Would this mean that they have to reposition the beam, or array? What else would they reposition?

I also noticed this in the parameters.

Sidelobe Control........ Full - By Element Tapering

Here is some information on sidelobe.

In antenna engineering, side lobes or sidelobes are the lobes of the far field radiation pattern that are not the main beam, where the terms "beam" and "lobe" are synonyms.

The radiation pattern of most antennas shows a pattern of "lobes" at various angles, directions where the radiated signal strength reaches a maximum, separated by "nulls", angles at which the radiation falls to zero. In a directional antenna in which the objective is to emit the radio waves in one direction, the lobe in that direction is designed to be bigger than the others; this is the "main lobe". The other lobes are called "side lobes", and usually represent unwanted radiation in undesired directions. The side lobe in the opposite direction (180°) from the main lobe is called the "back lobe". In transmitting antennas, excessive side lobe radiation wastes energy and may cause interference to other equipment. In receiving antennas, side lobes may pick up interfering signals, and increase the noise level in the receiver..

So does this mean that with different side lobe locations and angles they can scatter or point the beam in different directions?? What if the side lobes are "tiltable", or adjustable?

I would like to see if anyone can answer these questions in a nice manner. Please follow T&C's. I am finding alot of information about bouncing, scattering, and pointing beams. How come people think that this is not possible?

While I admit that I am not a "radio rocket scientist," I just want to know if these features make it able to be aimed or pointed in a different direction. Your input would help.

Finally, here is the picture on HAARP's website
In this picture, in the lower right hand corner, it looks like they are focussing the beam, and bouncing it off of everything. Hmm. Thats interesting.

Ps. I do notice that most of the people that comment on HAARP have no idea what they are talking about.. I do not wish to be one of these people.

Help crack the code...... No code you say..... How is a frequency generator not supposed to be able to focus it's frequency? Sounds like someone got ripped off.

Let the reaming begin.
...Just kidding...Maybe.....Maybe not.......

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 02:15 AM
The HAARP IRI is a phased antenna array. This means that by individually adjusting the electromagnetic phase of each individual antenna the beam can be steered to a certain degree. The same principle is used in warships and aircraft to steer their radar beams without using a dish type antenna.

While phase control can limit the spreading of the beam it is not "focused". For example, when the full HAARP array is used (180 antennas) the beam starts out with an area of about 22.6 acres. By the time it gets to an altitude of 200 km it has spread to an area of about 950,000 acres (at 2.8MHz).

The picture in the lower right of the collage represents how satellite signals can be distorted by the ionosphere (and other things) on their way to and from an Earth station. It is not showing the heater beam. This is one of the things HAARP is used to research.

Signals transmitted to and from satellites for communication and navigation purposes must pass through the ionosphere. Ionospheric irregularities, most common at equatorial latitudes (although they can occur anywhere), can have a major impact on system performance and reliability, and commercial satellite designers need to account for their effects.
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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 02:19 AM
I know what everybody thinks.

Not another HAARP thread.......Well. I was bored.

I was just looking at the first array diagram. It looks like it could have a slight pivotol joint.

All we are talking is a few degrees to get different angles of attack. Mixed with the ozone curvature. I think we could have a change in frequency direction.
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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 02:25 AM
reply to post by Phage

Thank you for the info Phage.

I was trying to get to the bottom of the "aiming" debacle. Every HAARP thread i see there is the couple of posters that claim, "well, how do you aim it"?

So that means that with the information you provided, that this thing can change its angle of attack? Even if slightly.

By attack, I do not mean litterally attacking something. But I think you already know this.

ETA: Not focused, got you.

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 03:37 AM
Well, there it is.

It took me over an hour to put this thread together.

Phage had it figured out and posted in 19 minutes.
I got ripped off.

Thanks Phage....

Ps. I am just kidding. This is my internet joker face.
Thanks again for the info.

You literally made hours of research, painstakenly, not needed.......

Lj01 is off to sleep.
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posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 10:58 AM
reply to post by liejunkie01

Did Haarp make that green aurora pictured along with the great and powerful Haarp photos.
You didn't even show the main radio physics of the corkscrew antenna.
You see to dispel our ignorance the haarp people should tell us what they are doing.
The spin signal should heat up the rarefied gas in the upper atmosphere into illumination and
heating. It doesn't matter that gas experiments indicate mechanical vibrations are best per
Tesla for both. In fact Tesla makes air illuminate and flame as well as make a non consumable
flame, cold or hot. Tesla worked on the atmosphere and matter responses more than anyone
but only to his electricity which no one else is allowed to perform except a very few of the 1%.
This mechanical Tesla wave being restricted to the Tesla flight machine or Tesla ship so you
see using the mechanical wave to heat the atmosphere is out of the question.

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 06:52 PM
I was thinking of trying to do a little more research on this......

I thought I would give the thread a bump and see what you think.......

Time is valuable.......I enjoy this subject but time is limited............

Feel free to add more info..................

and if not,,,,well then
just kidding.....

Happy V day for the HAARP lover's........

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 02:28 AM

Originally posted by liejunkie01
I was thinking of trying to do a little more research on this......

I thought I would give the thread a bump and see what you think.......

Time is valuable.......I enjoy this subject but time is limited............

Feel free to add more info..................

and if not,,,,well then
just kidding.....

Happy V day for the HAARP lover's........

They turn the very Ionosphere into an antenna phased array:

a patch of the ionospheric current becomes a large radiating ‘antenna’. .. scanning the HF heating beam in a geometric pattern without modulating its power. ... Geometric modulation also allows directional launching of the signal into the Earth-ionosphere waveguide, forming an unprecedented steerable large-element ELF/VLF ionospheric phased array.

sheer brilliance.

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 02:36 AM
reply to post by pianopraze

Wow, after all of this time. I was waiting for this info.

Do you know how many people ask how are they supposed to steer it?

Practically everyone.

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

Sorry for the super late reply.

There is a link in one of piano praze's posts on another threaf that stated one of the most amazing thugs so far is that haatp created a green Aurora. So I guess it could possibly be the pic.

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 11:10 AM
Directional Radio was first done by the Nazi's. We learned how to do it from them.

The high power directional radio towers were taken by TWR, that "christian" non profit saying they are using it to blast the "word" in communist countries. I think they took on the job of that research under the cover of a church non profit.

Go look at where they have transmitters and how many they have as well as the transmitting power. Pretty frekin amazing. They ain't getting the money to do it with church donations. Even if you took every churches plate collections across the country it wouldn't pay the power bill on their transmitters.

Interesting thing to research. Look at who's running that. You'll find the tie to HAARP.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by liejunkie01
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

Sorry for the super late reply.

There is a link in one of piano praze's posts on another threaf that stated one of the most amazing thugs so far is that haatp created a green Aurora. So I guess it could possibly be the pic.

Well I didn't check my posts but there is a video of a green edge to the atmosphere
from a high altitude video. I found that interesting as a constant thing that we are not aware of.

Go to images for more.
The red might be the Southern Aurora or a filter was used.
I'll see if I can find the reference post.

So in the full page of Google images note the linear form of the green light path.
The Southern Aurora is never well defined.

I get the idea that negative charge is fast an makes green lines and positive charge
bunches up making the red Southern Aurora. They might not be going anywhere
only oscillating in a negative or positive potential.


Green going in front of UFO.

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 11:17 PM
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

Thank you for the info.

I am on a cell phone and watching video is pretty slow. I will che k it out when I have a better chance to watch.

Also, sorry about the typos. My fat fingers on this tiny keyboard do not work out to well.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 11:56 PM
For HAARP all the little antennas move around to points in the sky.
The HAARP signal heats up portions of the atmosphere to provide a signal reflection
ion layer because the signal reflection was never reliable. Think short wave radio
communications rely on the bonce and was so bad we needed cable and
finally satellites. Tesla was into radio and soon many used short waves and
had ham radio clubs. I recall the club had Tesla as their main man and
founder to idolize.

OK so excited atmosphere can be green and HAARP can do that. That sounds
reasonable. The rocket or UFO in the above video I posted has red and green
auras with a white hot lightning in between. The UFO has high potentials and
they vary to move charge around the ship. The Earth is subjected to such
potentials but is not in charge of them and the ship is by moving in the atmosphere.
The white hot light in the center may not indicate heat at all and is just illumination
as once indicated by Tesla.

ED: As a reminder Tesla always spoke of making high potential of millions of volts.
Current is low but containment of volts is difficult. I hear millions are not necessary
for powering flight but obviously if we are seeing such a thing the voltage attraction
must be great. So Tesla moved from radio to static forces and nothing to do with
the magnetic field.

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posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 12:22 AM
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

I enjoy reading about Tesla.

I often wonder how much more we would know about the man if the politics of the day were different.

Damn westing house and Edison. It is always about politics.

I am also wondering what makes you belie e the YouTube video is authentic. Other than the coloring. I am pretty skeptical about peoples motives when it envolves YouTube.

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by liejunkie01

Why would an agent reveal how the Tesla ship might work.
Rules of the road are to keep a lid on all that is Tesla.

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 05:17 PM
How to protect yourself if HAARP is Aimed At You!!!

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by TXRabbit

Now that is funny.

He isn't related to you is kidding.

He looks like a Guy I know.

I might use that pic as my avatar when I have computer access.

posted on May, 17 2014 @ 11:35 PM
Just wanted to post some info I found to bookmark it.

HAARP, though, has the highest power as well as the most advanced optics and diagnostic equipment. But most of all, its phased-array radar means that the signals can be steered and controlled digitally. It can also create multiple beams, which can be shaped, or changed instantaneously to sweep north, south, east and west. “I think the main thing that makes it unique is that it has a much wider frequency operating range,” adds Kosch, who has also worked extensively at EISCAT. HAARP operates between 2.8 and 10 megahertz, whereas EISCAT operates between 3.9 and 8 megahertz. “It can operate in a much lower frequency range than the one we can use here in Europe,” Kosch says.

I know that they are dismantling the array

posted on May, 18 2014 @ 12:45 AM
a reply to: liejunkie01

I bet they are "dismantling" it, because they discovered an easier/more effecient way to do it underground - via CERN.

And I bet the vatican funds it.

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