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The set the History and timeline of Aliens!

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 12:27 AM
I think the vast majority of us can agree that we are being visited and have been for some time. Although we think this we dont have a good idea to what there agenda could be.

So with that being said lets throw together a little timeline of events and basic information we know and from this we can get an idea of there behavior and give us a better idea of there intentions.

Any comments or adjustments to my quick timeline we can continue to edit until we have a boat load of info.
here is what I came up with.

Perhaps this is a timeline of what has happened:

Extraterestrials discover Earth, they find it the perfect "petidish' for life, They soon either create mankind or geneticlly "play" with mankind in order to create a more intelligent species.

During mankinds early days (egyptians, mayans etc) they continue to closely monitor and at times help them, as Ets would be looked at like gods and not like an invading army.

As mankind progresses through the years, Ets continue to monitor but not so much help as man becomes more and more violent and intelligent.

Early 1900 -1950 world wars break out and mankind leaps in there technological triumphs, the Atom bomb is created and now Extraterestrials are more concered as mankind now has the ability to destroy themselfs 10x over, Ets contiune to watch and at times intervine to prevent catastrophies. (after all they dont want there petridish expieriment to kill itself off)

1950 - to modern day, Rosewell incident happens, which breaks the ice. Ets come to the US goverment (possibly others as well) introductions are made, the facts are told and a true or treaty is set in place. Mankind over these years make enourmous stride in technology gained from the possible crash at rosewell or alittle help from Ets( like they did for the Egyptians and possibly mayans) Ets become reclusive and monitor less as steps are set in place to reduce the number of weapons we can use to kill ourselfs with.( nuclear treaty between US and Russia)

how does that sound?

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 12:38 AM

Originally posted by TheMur
how does that sound?

Good basis for fiction.

How do you know that the "visitors" weren't an advanced race of humans from the future who managed to develop time travel technology and periodically send future history students back in time to study 1st hand?

I'm pretty sure the Rosewell incident happened in mid 1947 for starters.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 12:39 AM
I really enjoyed reading this post! It could be quite possible!


posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 01:06 AM
reply to post by TheMur

Im not sure I would start with Egyptians and Mayans, there have been discoveries of earlier civilizations which are equally advanced. Your theory reminds me of the ancient Sumerians and the Anunaki, the Terra Papers, etc...

Personally I think 'aliens' exist, but maybe not have visited us. We used to think the earth was flat, now its round. Stories of sailors falling off the edge of the earth abounded. We used to think we were alone in the universe, we are starting to realize this is likely not the case. Stories of alien visitations now abound.

Then again, a human lifetime is a mere blink in the cosmological timeline, let alone 5000 years. Who is to say another race wasnt where we are a few million years ago, and advanced sufficiently to seed life on this planet. Your timeline will require a bit of revision, but I recommend you read the Terra papers to start with, and also begin researching Sumerian Mythology.

Fun post to read none the less.

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