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2011 vs 2005 Hurricanes

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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 03:32 PM
If this year's hurricane season is as extreme as the other weather events we've seen so far, we are in for trouble.
NOAA is predicting an above-average year.
2011 Prediction

2005 was a record breaking year, most notably with Katrina and Rita.

Here is the kicker. The list of hurricane names for 2011 is the same as 2005, with the exception of 5 names that were retired.
2005 Names
2011 Names

Not many people realize that the list repeats itself every six years, with the excpetion of a name that gets retired due to it having a major impact. Names are only retired for 10 years though.
Retirement of Hurrciane Names

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 03:40 PM
Very interesting - I was just talking to a friend of mine in Florida and we were both musing about what the Hurricane season is going to look like this year (with all the obvious extremes going on)

Points I found of particular interest while reading through your links

In 2005, the list of 21 hurricane names was exhausted so the Greek alphabet was utilized for the 22nd-27th storms of the season.

There are six lists that continue to rotate. The lists only change when there is a hurricane that is so devastating, the name is retired and another hurricane name replaces it.

Thus, the 2011 hurricane name list is the same as the 2005 hurricane name list although four hurricane names were retired after the devastating 2005 hurricane season so on the 2011 list Dennis was replaced by Don, Katrina was replaced by Katia, Rita was replaced by Rina, Stan was replaced Sean, and Wilma was replaced by Whitney.

I have no predictions, I am not a prophet - but I'll definitely be interested to see how far beyond the alphabet they go this year, and how many names get retired.

S&F for you! ♥

Further thought: is it interesting 22 through 27 is 5 (unless they count 22 of course) and 5 names were retired?
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