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The Terrorists' Mentality

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posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 04:17 PM
I just don't understand the terrorists' mentality. Can someone help me understand how they think, and why they think the way they do?

First of all, why do they consider their own life not worth living? They're willing to kill themselves to also take out as many people, usually people who are totally innocent and either know nothing of his or her plight, or have anything to do with it, as possible. It's like they're killing for sport, and consider themselves just another casuality.

Secondly, these terrorists are Muslim exteremists. They believe that the entire planet should become a Muslim religious theocracy. But, unless they're a clergyman (and at least alive!), they'll be nothing but oppressed themselves by a government of this type. Do they enjoy their own oppression or something?

I just don't understand how these Muslim extremist terrorists think...

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 04:50 PM
I think they are definitely slipping. Gibberish's favorite male nephew (he has no male heirs)was married today at Kennebunkport and Al Quaeda did not show up to avenge the murder of S. Hussein's male heirs. I thought for sure they would interrupt the festivities, checked the news wires all day, and nada.

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 08:08 PM
You want to know why they can kill them selves and not care, becouse they dont fear death. They truly belive in life after death and that they will be rewarded afterwards. Most American soldeirs and most people in genral say they "belive" in god and heaven but most of them dont, most of them "hope" there is a god and heaven, there is a huge diffrence. A Terrorist does not second guess that his death will be for the better, he "knows" for a fact (in his eyes) that he will go to heaven and that he is doing right for his country.

Now lets look at the side of the american soldier, he hopes there is a heaven, he thinks "i have no actual proof maybe there is maybe there isn't" and he fears the isnt. He does nto want to find out for the fear of what death will bring, he watches the news and protestors and hears about how he is doing no good out there, he sees the amount of people who hate the war and do not support him, it brakes his morale, he may have weapons and bombs but he fears, he fears the unknown of death, he fears the hatred of his country men. (note this is just what i am thinking about the average white/black christian soldier no offense should be taken from this)

Its all upbrining, dont forget most of these terrorrists have seen people hanged, stoned, shot, stabbed and tortured to death, its part of there life, nothing on the battle feild will move them in any way, seeing a man blowin in to peices will not faze him, where as the american has not seen such horrors before (in most cases). Most have never shot a man, most have never seen people dismemeberd ect ect.

The terrorrists will do anything pretty much do to a ferm belife and hatred for america, and becouse they do not care, they have a totaly diffrent thinkgin pattern, they look at it like this. They have superior weapons to us, and better organization, they are willing to easily trade 1 of there men in a car with a bomb for the lives of 4 americans, they dont look at it as lives, they look at it as numbers, they dont say "1 guy of ours will die, hes a human" they say look its 4 for 1, like they are ordering a freakin pizza.

You can not kill some one who is not afraid of death.

(by this post i am in no way saying that american soldiers are in any way "wussys" or weaker than terrorrists, i am just showing the diffrence in thought and upbringing that i see. Terrorrists are brought up on hate and violence where as americans are brought up thinking about a future in medical school ect and what new video game they are going to get and the next episode of freinds. This is no way an attack on the american soldiers risking there lives for a "cause" they have been taught to belive in, wether i agree with the war or not, you have to give the american soldiers credit cause they are risking there lives for what they belive in.)

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 05:34 AM
I don't know what they think, I never met a terrorist and I am not capable of reading other peoples minds. What I do think is that probably, as in all other matters, what someone thinks is not what others think, even if they work for the same cause.

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