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Theory of Everything (Work In Process feel free to provide insight)

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 11:02 PM
This is a very rough draft because I got tons of midterms coming up, but this is a project I have been postponing for ages so I really needed to at least get a start on it. This post is purely from my knowledge in the most raw form, I have not had any time to really organize this information in a proper post. However at this time, I think it would be really beneficial for people to provide some insight on a more structured and detailed path. I wanted to include Freud and his theory of the Ego, Id and SuperEgo, and a lot more psychology stuff as well as a lot more spiritual stuff but this is all I could muster and now must go sleep! PLEASE ENJOY

The Theory
The theory is simple and some degree should already be embedded within your minds.

Everything affects everything.

The statement above is my theory, and I will, by all means, pick it apart like a master surgeon, to get to the root of where humanity is and where it will be going.

Each and every “soul” of humanity is created out of essentially three things, biology, psychology and sociology. This is accepted in countless professions, even in corporate culture (the biopsychosocial”ness” of the corporation, which I don’t care to explain). Focusing on biology, everything we eat, everything time we become sick etc etc it has an impact on our future lives. I read a thread on ATS recently that GMOs effect the proteins in the lining of your stomach (which makes sense). In turn, any biological can effect either any part of the biopsychosocial complex. I can go on and on with examples and you are all free to ask me questions to further expand on this (sorry my thoughts are pretty disorganized this is a rouch draft and I rarely write anything on this scale).

Any change in a biopsychosocial complex (the human being) will have an effect on that individuals thoughts and behaviours. These thoughts and behaviours also have the capability to modify brain structure (proven by a Nobel Prize winner (yes I know the validity of Nobel Prizes is questionable sometimes but this isn’t one of those cases lmao)). These thoughts and behaviours have a social impact on our individuals which in turn can affect all other parts of their system.

This can go on creating a limited to very expansive ripple effect. Considering our concept of time is ESSENTIALLY infinite (assuming we don’t wipe ourselves out) this can have a potentially infinite effect on EARTH and maybe the UNIVERSE (maybe just maybe).

Everything AFFECTS everything.

Because we humans are essentially the most influential force on the earth (+ mother nature and the sun BUT the sun and nature affect humans so I will factor them into humanity for simplicity) we can say that the current state of the world is the sum of humanity on a biopsychosocial level and derive conclusions from this on what we are (a hell lot of conclusions based on how macro or micro of a level we are looking at).

TheOneElectric sums this up exceptionally saying, “The culmination of our history, on its surface reflects a race that is tragically consumed by war, conflict, inequality, chaos and strife.”

One of the most under read posts on this forum I urge you to read his thread in its entirety here:

A question I would like to challenge everyone reading this forum to answer in their replies is “Is this truly representative of who we are at this stage of humanity OR is this just a reflection of the quantum consciousness from a history of conflict and tragedy? Essentially we were to erase our history but nothing else would their be a significant shift in humanity going forward? Really reflect on this.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 11:28 PM
Im glad you made this thread becuz I too have the need to get my thoughts on this subject out to the public, And They are definetly not organize right now, but I know the all fit together somehow. So good luck in this thread as I will bemaking a similar one titled : We're all angels in training"

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by ThisIsMyName

You've got some good ideas there! Since you're looking for other material to help build up the concept. I'd recommend taking a peak at Thomas Campbell's "My Big TOE." It seems to fit with your line of research. Also from a psycho-behavioral point of view I think you'd probably get a kick out of, "The Scarcity Hypothesis." Hope it helps, cheers mate!
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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 11:47 PM
Very well thought out TIMN. All my best in this undertaking.

I'm going to postulate a different theory in regards to a portion of your thread that may or may not help you.

we can say that the current state of the world is the sum of humanity on a biopsychosocial level and derive conclusions from this on what we are

I did a paper regarding solar panels and in that paper I posed the fact that most all our energy comes from the sun (which is why solar panels are the best solution for alternate energy).

I do understand that what you postulate is that everything is connected to everything. I know this to be true. Because of the infinite complexities I think you should try to find the ultimate source for 'everything' such as the Big Bang and possibly work your way towards the increasingly smaller more broken up and complex things.

All-in-all all the current state of the world is the sum of the big bang. Is the human soul dependent on any of this? I guess that's the real question.

I admire your attempt to explain something so complex. Perhaps you should disregard my post altogether and start with the human species as you intended and branch our from there because if you do not you may become lost in the enigma that is our reality. I hope I did not discourage you as I hope you continue with your work!

BTW: I had no idea about "biopsychosocial". I think this just became my new favorite word!



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posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 10:50 AM
@Talltexxxan - Good luck and make sure to not postpone it, a lot of ideas I wanted to put in I forgot but I will remember them eventually.

@Xtraeme - Although My Big Toe is a kind of book I am weary of (potentially an extremely slow and difficult read), I did take a look at the Scarcity Hypothesis which gave me an alternate perspective and also many new ideas to contribute to the structure. One of the points on religion within Scarcity Hypothesis actually is an idea I had last night while I was trying to get to sleep, you will eventually see my analysis of it. You also have inspired a renaming of my theory

@AeonStorm - although you are probably right that the Big Bang is the source of all existence, science is NOT my strong point while analysis, psychology, logic, philosophy and spiritually is (although still shallow in terms of vocabulary and actual sources). The human soul is a small microcosm within it (almost like a big bang with a big bang by which I mean that it itself is a massive infinitely complex happening with infinite affect on earth and potentially beyond). Its easier to define the current state of the world by looking at the human condition (aka the human soul) rather than the big bang (you could almost say our earth is a fluke based off the big bang?).
Your post has been very helpful and has actually helped me develop a structure and an actual goal for the "Completed" Thread in the future.

Thanks everyone for the insight, it was a lot of help because with every resource and idea I have been able to come up with more ideas to make the future thread complete and full of meaning a value.

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