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Deadly Fungus Strikes Joplin Tornado Survivors, Volunteers

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posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 10:35 AM
Often “NO” news is good news. But when “NO” news comes from the Government it’s often a cover-up or news they don’t want the public to know to keep what they call a “public panic” from occurring.

Information concerning the fungus is difficult to obtain. The official number being released of those being infected is ten. I have been told that the number of deaths that could be contributed by the fungus is very questionable and that the “actual” number of infected is about the same as I reported before.

In this case “NO” news is good news. It looks like the fungus has run its course and was limited to those affected directly by the tornado on May 22nd.

The discrepancies I see are the numbers being released to the public. But this seems to be the norm which I can only assume the reasoning is to avoid mass panic which could hinder those willing to come here to assist in the rebuilding process.

There are many discrepancies concerning the death toll here in Joplin. You can ask anyone who lives here and they know someone who was killed by the F-5. Everyone who I have talked to believes the number is much higher than what is being reported.

I personally have interviewed 7 people including the only ICU patient survivor from St John’s hospital, the trucking company who furnished some of the refrigerator trailers to Freeman Hospital as well as a nurse who was working in ICU at Freeman the night of the tornado.

There are many eyewitness discrepancies to the report being release.

Because of these discrepancies and my curiosity in knowing what health risk factors we may be facing in Joplin concerning the zygomycosis fungus, I started sifting through public records to
get the daily and monthly death count for the Joplin area.

My research reveals a 15% increase in the mortality rate for June compared to April and May. That percentage will increase as my calculations are only through the 23rd as records continue to come in for the month of June.

These calculation do take into consideration the deaths contributed by the F-5 tornado that occurred on May 22nd. Thus far the records reveal that 114 deaths occurred on May 22nd.

At this time I have no inclination of starting a thread concerning the death toll numbers. It really doesn’t matter at this point and my interests are more concerned with the potential health risk that could evolve from this tornado over the next couple of months. But I am open for discussing what I have learned privately with those that may be interested.

My goal is to gather the records from 2010 to the present monitoring for a sustained increase in the mortality rate for the Joplin area since the May 22nd tornado.

Hopefully there will be nothing to see or report and the mortality rate for July will scale back to the monthly average prior to the tornado.

As I stated in the begining of my post........Often "NO" news is good news...........and hopefully this will be the last post concerning health issues in Joplin.........

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posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by Cloudsinthesky

Clouds, I was thinking. You might be able to do this yourself with your webpage experience, or you might be better to coop with KOAM, but why don't you create a user-generated list of dead and missing from the tornado? Get people to contribute names of their friends and family that were casualties of the tornado, and compare it to the official list.

You could create the webpage to collect the data, spread the link via word of mouth, facebook, twitter, and maybe a ticker or mention on the evening news, and then share your results on those same outlets.

Either you would confirm the numbers or spot a major discrepancy. Either the government would be forced to come clean or kill your website and confirm the conspiracy. Either the News outlets would be interested in the possibility of a juicy story, or they would kill it and confirm their participation.

You have the means, go for it!!

posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Either the government would be forced to come clean or kill your website and confirm the conspiracy.

Or shut me up completely....

Your right, it could be done but to what avail? Changing the numbers by a couple hundred will not change the public’s mind set. The public is willing to accept the government’s stance even though they may have a different opinion. The government would just do a shuffle dance and place the blame on the families for not filing a report with the officials.

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