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Texas starts buying Libyan oil via Rebels....

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 08:57 PM

Rebels sell oil San Antonio-based Tesoro told Reuters on Wednesday it bought the Libyan rebel crude to process in its Hawaii refinery. The deal was first agreed upon in late April, company spokesman Mike Marcy said. "We purchased a cargo of Libyan crude that was available at the time," he said in an email. Swiss oil trading firm Vitol SA, which loaded the crude onto a tanker in Libya in early April, acted as middleman in the transaction, trading sources said. While Vitol marketed the crude, Tesoro's purchase of the cargo marked the first transaction involving Libya's eastern rebels and a major foreign commercial user of oil. "It's an important precedent because it proves the rebels can find international buyers for their oil," a source at a major oil tanker operator told Reuters, requesting anonymity.

Well well well. If oil was not one of the major factors for the war (the other being the gold dinar). Seems that we folks at ATS are right as usual. We really need to start our own TV station and have discussions on it. We knew all along that this was a fight about oil/gold and everyone scoffed at us. History repeats as usual..

**shakes head**

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 09:14 PM
But it's not about the oil...........

We are there to help the oppressed people from a terrible regime....... aren't we?

ETA: I just love this line: company spokesman Mike Marcy said. "We purchased a cargo of Libyan crude that was available at the time," ... Yeah just happened to be lying around so they decided to sell it to them right?
They didn't even bother using a proxy this time to get the oil here they just straight up shipped it direct! I mean who needs another middle man with these oil prices!

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