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UFO's reported on mainstream media, Australia

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 07:10 AM

Today for the first time in a while I switched on the television.Channel 7 'Morning Show' in Australia, a national morning show.Similar to Good Morning America.The station is owned by Murdoch/Fairfax.
All through the show news Bulletins are updated. Today included the gruesome Texas graves revealed.
In the show this morning, they presented the article which contained information how the Australian military had ' lost Australia's 'X' files.

Unlike other articles I have seen, this one was presented as a matter of fact. There was no debate or question regarding the exsistance of UFO's, rather the segment was informative in that, the guest speakers, did not push UFO's in the way of ...'You must believe', rather they presented the article in the way of 'UFO's exist, UFOLOGY is credible!

As the collective files on UFO's from the military have been somewhat displaced, IE 'lost', the presenters again were matter of fact, almost it seemed, scripted, when they said " This information will certainly spark a debate in conspiracy theories".

The point I am making here is the article was 'presented' in such a way that to someone who was general public and not active or subscribing to forums such as ATS, it would appear that there was no question about the existance of UFO's.

The article basically was laughing at the incompetence of the military in being able to manage the UFO files held on record.

Under the freedom of information act in Australia, general public can still obtain the 'missing documents' through the national library located in the countries capital, Canberra. This is via microfische

I will attempt to search relevant links to this post and update them. Normally I would not go to so much trouble to present a case, however, this article , I believe is important.

The reason I think it is important is this: There will be no admittance or disclosure as such through the mainstream media about UFO's. It is a subtle assimilation process and certain steps in revealing the truth have been ommitted. This relates to publicity and the psychology of effective transitioning of ideas.

I used to be a skeptic on the subject but after this article it is clear, through my experience in the media, that UFO'S are very real.

As I said I will attempt to provide links and support to this post.

Here is a video link to the article

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 07:33 AM
It's fact they probably had UFO files, but every country does and many of them have been released ..

UFO simply means unidentified flying object, my guess is that the Aussie files are like every other set of files that have been released.. some person reports an object to authorities and they jot it down, file it away.. the object could be man made.. it's un-identified and it's origin was never ascertained so it goes in the file

My point is just that because they have UFO files and they are missing, doesn't mean they have proof of intelligent alien life visiting us .. just that they suck at keeping their stuff organized and/or protected

Every major government has UFO files, and all the ones that have come to light so far have been mundane in actual factual content.
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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 07:38 AM
reply to post by guessing

Last Friday night 3rd June. I was sat alone for a while in the garden. I was so relaxed in the chair that i couldn't feel the chair around me. It was like i was hypnotised or something, it was a great feeling and one that i would love to be able to get into on a regular basis. I couldn't feel my body i was so relaxed. I tilted my head towards the night’s sky and closed my eyes. It was a warm clear night. The stars were out in abundance. I put a thought into my head. Like when you do a wish "If there is anyone out there anywhere, please give me a sign" As i type this i am grinning to myself as it sounds a crazy thing to do. It’s a good job my wife doesn’t visit ATS. I opened my eyes and within a minute or two. I saw a quick flash of light in the sky. The only way i can describe it was like a meteor. It lasted about 2-3 seconds. If this was a meteor then the timing was impeccable. I was freaked. I sat up in the chair but the relaxed feeling had now gone. I tried to get back into this state again but couldn't.
Later on we saw a couple more objects moving slowly through the sky. They were to high to be planes. They could have been satelites.

If you have never seen a ufo. Give this a try. It may or may not work for you. I believe it worked for me.
If i can get into that chilled relaxed mode again. I will ask the question again.


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