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Doing the right thing...with money

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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 04:24 PM
So At the start of this year me and my gf booked some tickets to Spain and back from England (on my card), it came to roughly £460 due to being in the school holidays and odd dates (15 days).

She paid me £100 on the day we booked the tickets and promised to get me the rest before the holiday, though since this is in the rant forum we rather predictably split up before the holiday. Now as the trip had actually been to go and see her mum who no logner lives in England I decided to do the right thing and said 'Don't worry too much about the money, I know it's to see your mum and I'd never take that away from you so you can have both tickets'

Miffed that I was 360 quid down now, but pleased I'd done something that made me feel good about myself
Until now, less than a month before the flight she said she doesn't want them any more.
I've already changed my holiday times at work and somebody else has booked off the time I was going to be on holiday, and as there are only 5 people in my department at work only one person can be on holiday at a the tickets are utterly useless to me now.

Now I don't like spending my hard earned money at the best of times
but at least when the tickets where going to be used to allow this girl to see her mum one of two times throughout the year I could feel good about myself, now it's simply wasted money. Well over a weeks wages vanished.

I think I'll be far more weary about letting my money be spent like that ever again.

And no the tickets can't be refunded; and since it costs money to change the booked details selling the tickets with such a short time and no accomodation will be nigh on impossible.

Anyone else been burend in a similar way?

and she actually dared to ask for her money back, out of my own wallet knowing I could'nt get a refund.
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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 11:08 PM
Wow. For what it's worth, I hope you realize you deserve a better gf!

So to answer the question: Yeah, I think a lot of nice guys have been burned similarly--myself included. But you're not gonna change. Get used to it....


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