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The true story of "The Vampire"

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 09:44 PM
The true story of vampires... 

I heard this story, I have researched it and found lots of evidence supporting it and believe it whole heartedly. I however cannot find the info I once found... 

Above all else, one thing I know ATS members are good at, is research! 

Please help! 

Story goes as such. (just a brief over view) 

The original "vampires" were nothing more than albino humans. 

They were outcasts of society due to their inability to be in direct sunlight and therefor useless as farmers and such. And because of their strange habits (drinking blood). 

One side effect to albino ism is that you are proned to stomach ulcers. Lack of peptobismol meant animal blood was the best "cure" to sooth pain.  

They would find each other at night and any given area could have quite a few albinos due to breeding with one another. 

Some would kill farmers animals to drink blood and as revenge for persecution. 

Others eventually due to being ridiculed, much like columbine, lashed out and took vengeance on those who ridiculed them. 

Killing their tormentors. And drinking their blood not only to sooth the pain, but as a slap in the face for treating them so differently. 

People began to panic because people were being killed at night, defenseless in their sleep. 

Stories emerge and people turn to the church for help. 

Priests, not knowing what to do would come up with placebo remedies. Garlic (common farm item) hung from windows, holy water, crosses, etc... 

Now some believe that drinking the blood, ie: life-force gave the vampires a buzz, a high if you will. Extra strength, speed, etc... It became a drug they were addicted to and once they killed all that persecuted them, they moved on and killed for pleasure. 

***This story explains "thirst" as described in movies... If you were in extraordinary pain and the only thing that soothed it was blood, you might look a little crazy as you slaughtered an animal to drink its blood. 

Sunlight, it is true albinos cannot be in prolonged sun, this could be exaggerated over time to lighting on fire.

Possible "super human strength" if blood acts as a beacon to human energy as described in the Bible and many cultures beliefs. 

It explains tall tails of garlic and holy water, why icons from the church are the protection remedies. 

Please help me find this information again! 

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:06 PM
Yes, since reading this thread I've done a quick test on my albino girlfriend. Got some garlic, threw it on her, and boy did she scatter. Hissing and gulping for air, brushing the garlic off her with her albino hands. Thanks for the idea!

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by Aleister

Lol I know your being funny, but that aspect of it was merely placebo.

Plus not all albinos are vampires and later as the story goes on, non albinos do join the vampire "sects", so not all vampires are albino.

It's simply how the vampire legends and sects began.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 12:14 AM
Understand that I'm not calling you an idiot, but I am saying that that's one of the most seriously idiotic things I've ever heard. It's completely simple-minded in that It thoroughly ignores the history and complexity of the subject, as briefly touched upon here.

According to anthropologist Paul Barber, author of "Vampires, Burial, and Death," stories from nearly every culture have some localized version of the vampire, and "bear a surprising resemblance to the European vampire."

The belief in real vampires stems from superstition and mistaken assumptions about post-mortem decay.

The first recorded accounts of vampires circulated in Europe in the Middle Ages. The stories follow a consistent pattern: Some unexplained misfortune would befall a person, family, or town—perhaps a drought dried up crops, or an infectious disease struck...

I know this ignores your request for help in finding the story you prefer to believe (which I will continue to look for). But I have to say that it sounds like something formulated by a couple of drunks, and I certainly wouldn't put much stock in it....

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 12:30 AM
Well, I know Wikipedia is frowned upon by many, but this is the closest thing to a direct reference I could find. It still doesn't add much weight to story you reference; but here it is:

History of the "evil albino" stereotype

The "evil albino" stereotype may also have its roots in Neolithic Eastern Europe, where some cultures depicted Death as a pallid woman with light hair.[10] Fear of vampires and other legendary undead with a deathly pallor, especially in European folklore, could also have contributed to albino bias. The phenomenon may also have been influenced by attitudes towards people with albinism in Africa or Jamaica, where those with that condition are sometimes regarded as cursed or magical (see folklore section, below). Dermatologist Dr. Vail Reese theorizes that albino bias may be part of a broader Hollywood pattern of equating or at least linking skin disorders and appearance problems with villainy.[11]

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