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Chronology life of witnesses significantly changed by unusual UFO sighting.

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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 04:02 PM
This is an old case and if I exposed it to you now it's because it exhibits stranges and interestings aspects of the UFO phenomenon that were rarely exposed, as far as I know.

Firstly, here's a short summary of this case:

It happened in 1974, May 20th around 7PM in a little French town called "Landevennec".

Mr Le Meur, baker at Landévennec, is driving back to his home with his wife and his two young children.
For a while now, the family sees a glow on the road to Landévennec. After negotiating a bend, stupor: a series of neon-white-light color "light balls" side by side to each other (7-8, according to Mr Le Meur), like a rosary, literally block the road:

Mr Le Meur made ​​some headlights calls to the .... "thing", no answer.
The phenomenon remains there, motionless and silent.
After a few minutes of reflection, the family turns back and takes refuge at police headquarters in Telgruc.

Now, you would say: "OK, this is a classic unexplained UFO case, and so what?"

IMO, there are some things that are not "classic" here, let me sum it up:

1- This thing was clearly showing intelligent behaviour as it was perfectly and clearly blocking the road.
2- The question is "why these light balls were blocking this specific road at this specific time?".
3- Did they intend to change witnesses plans for this day?
4- Was there something further on the road that the witnesses wasn't prepared to see?

Points 3 and 4 are only speculation here, OK, but one thing is for sure: the witnesses were forced to turn back and thus alter irreversibly and permanently what they had planned to do that day.


In my personal UFO investigations, I ever met this UFO behaviour, especially in an unknown CE3K that occured in France in the eighties. Here also, the two witnesses were forced to turn back...

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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 11:15 PM
As a UFO abductee with my own nighttime in-vehicle encounter, I'm given to say you can theorize forever and not know what happened that night. The experience suggests something more than merely what you post. Probably there was an interaction with the people in the car that was blocked fromtheir memories.

I lost a couple of hours, and assumed that I had not even stopped. But the evidence proved otherwise.

Basically, unless you have the ETs side of the story, we don't know what transpired. And that may be for the best.

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 12:09 AM
reply to post by Aliensun

You have a lot of interesting thread topics but I don't see one where you describe this abduction encounter. I think that would have been the first one posted if it were me. I would ask you to tell me about it but I think it is best you begin...MY UFO ENCOUNTER yourself. I'd like to read it. Whatever you remember and when you write what happened you will remember more. Don't feel you have to respond to trolls. I know many people are afraid of ridicule and incredulous responses but ignore them.

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 12:19 AM
reply to post by elevenaugust

I have often repeated if an ET doesn't want to be seen they won't and that is why sightings are so rare. Found myself thinking about this and a few other UFO encounters where exactly as you say they actually seem to want to be seen for one reason or another. This is a curious case. I think it is a leap to say the UFO was attempting to prevent the witnesses from traveling further but who knows? Maybe this was exactly what was up.

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 02:08 AM
I am a bit foggy on the point you are trying to illustrate here... is it that the experience effected the lives of these people? If so, I do not find that uncommon, but rather typical!

I tried to imagine other persepctives, to see if I could grasp where you are coming from, and one possibility arose- that you are coming from the perspective of UFO sightings as experienced by the "I want to believe" crowd,
(those that are fascinated by the possibility and spend time scanning the night sky in hope)
and not that of those who have no interest is such silly stories and end up confronted with the phenomenon!

Perhaps for the first group, a sighting is a light in the sky that seems wierd, and is nothing more than a cool story to tell to others, without being life-changing (for you've already digested the concept of alien life existing).

As someone who had no interest, had never looked into the concept, and was suddenly confronted with experiences that I absolutely could not fit with my present beliefs about reality, not only caused a tremendous trauma in my internal (psychological) world, but had real effects upon the lives and choices of my family!

My first sighting was in France also, in full daylight, up close, watching a metallic like craft do manouvers over us that no aircraft we have today can do. All traffic wa stopped and we all stared at it, because our cars had all stalled.
Being stopped on the road was a very real effect. But I am still cautious about coming to conclusions too "the world revolves around me" ish- like that it was there with the purpose and intent that we see it (these particular people), that we be stopped for one reason or another, that we become screwed up in our heads by seeing something that "doesn't exist" .

Perhaps it just happened to be doing something else and they didn't even notice or care about our presence?

The second event happened here in France also, but at night. My husband was driving, our kids were in the back sleeping, and I was sleeping in the passenger seat. But suddenly my husband started grabbing and shaking me and yelling, panicked. This is SO unlike him! I would have thought you could put a flying spaghetti monster in front of him and he'd stay calm and sceptical! But he was yelling, "There's a light! A BIG light! What it is it? What is it?!!"

Up ahead of our car, over the road, and slightly over the left side of it, was a light so bright I had to squint my eyes and turn my head slightly. It was about three meters off the ground. Because he was panicking, I automatically took the role of calm logical one- I said, maybe it is a helicopter, pointing a spot light at us?

We approached it quickly, my husband getting louder and me trying to babble out some possible explanations, we were about five meters from it and.....
then we are further down the road, driving slowly, both silent and facing forward.

WTF? We're both dead headed and staring ahead like robots! I turned around to see the place where the light was, and it was gone. Pure blackness outside. I asked my husband, "what happened to it? Did we see it leave?" (still thinking my helicopter hypothesis).

He kept staring straight ahead and just shrugged, "I don't know." From screaming panicking freak to completely detached and absent, in a blink!

I felt so confused, I also sat silently the rest of the way home. Except when we arrived there, we found out a trip that should have taken us two hours took us six hours!

That is an effect in real terms. Mentally, I had already gotten use dto the idea of just pushing experiences aside in mind that I cannot fit into reality, and just being used to that. He hadn't, however. A while later, I brought it up again, and said, what happened that night? Did you see the helicopter leave or something? He lashed out, on the edge of tears, "It wasn't a helicopter! It was nothing normal! Nothing of this world!" and stomped out of the room!

I had never seen my husband act that way in my life, and still haven't since. I never brought it up again, out of consideration for him. But I think his inner world had been rocked heavily that time. Other events continued, to all of us in the family and actually got wierder, but eahc one pretty much learned to bruch these aside as the wierd side of life we cannot explain, and won't bother trying to. Except our youngest child, who was more traumatized.

I went on to try to make sense of it though, delving into whatever I could find on the subject. I didn't have internet at that time, but a trip the US foudn me with armloads of books on the UFO phenomen. I was hopeful that I could integrate this all into reality.

Never could though. I DON'T want to believe, and would prefer to conclude I had a moment of psychotic break which influenced those I am close to. I have a rather complex theory, concerning collective consciousness, which I can digest easier than the simplest of alien visitation theories.

But yeah..... sometimes these things TOTALLY effect your acts, your choices, your personality!
I would not be living where I am now if not for those experiences. I was influenced by the messages of these "beings".

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 10:42 AM

Originally posted by coquine
I am a bit foggy on the point you are trying to illustrate here... is it that the experience effected the lives of these people? If so, I do not find that uncommon, but rather typical!

Thanks for your reply and for sharing your interesting experience too.

Yes, I agree that this is rather typical; what is not so typical is the apparent behavior of these light balls that are acting like if there's something that don't have to be seen further on the road. Otherwise, I don't see any reason for these weird things to block this road.

I'm a little surprised that no one else come in to comment this thread; maybe I haven't clearly explained what it's all about! Or maybe this is my bad English...
Or maybe there's nothing strange here.

Anyway, this is an aspect that always fascinated me and a clear demonstration that the intelligence that is behind these acts have an interest in our life, whatever it could be (to protect, to impress....)
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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 11:39 AM
Interesting thread, you can also look at my thread about strange witness behaviour during ufo sightings.
There is no way to no if the objects were deliberately blocking the road, but it seems a strong possbility.

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