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Born On Memorial Day

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posted on May, 29 2011 @ 11:59 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is my first offering to the Gods of ATS and I only hope it is viewed as worthy.
Mods please feel free to move this post to wherever may be best.

I searched and did not find any other thread entitled Born on Memorial Day.
My message is mainly political so US POLITICAL MADNESS seemed appropriate.
I was born on Memorial Day 1971.
Congress passed the National Holiday act of 1971 making Memorial Day a 3 day weekend, before this, Memorial day always fell on May the 30th.

Memorial Day
or if you want to witness "true bias" then you can check the following site:

notice how they make no mention of this "Holy"day's origin.

I recall pondering this often, what was the significance of this day and how does it apply to me...

In the Beginning, it was a day of Honor not a day of Mourning.

What is honor?


Like many things, you can "pick your poison" when it comes to the definition of most words yet I choose to believe that Honor means Respect and that we show respect not only by gathering and speaking or listening to speakers to mark the "occassion" yet also by being as honest as we can be while doing so.

Also, we "mark" the occassion with our Actions, our Deeds, not only upon the day by attending parades, parties and other pleasantries yet by our actions and deeds, day by day and moment by moment.

Honor, Respect, Honesty... This is what they deserve.

They thought they were fighting for a better reality... They are always told this...
They thought they were fighting to free the slaves and to remain united... They are always told something of this nature...

The reality is that they were fighting to enslave us all to a consolidated centralized government dominated by the wealthy bankers and industrialists.

Lincoln was an murdered and then he was murdered. A mass murdered of indigenous people as well as a mass murdered of americans as the southern states had every right to sucession as they could easily prove that they were not being equally represented and we won't even debate the rights of the indigenous peoples (native americans) to simply Exist!

They were very Brave yet simply misled.
The African Americans who managed to not still remain completely enslaved as sharecroppers post civil war were right to Honor and Respect these men for their sacrifice yet the real "cause" and "purpose" of the war eluded them as their personal experiences overode the sad reality of the majority of their race who remain even to this very day, bound to some land owner as a sharecropper and you can drive through the south from Southern Florida to Northern Virginia and still see their small shack houses sitting on the edge of some large plantation or horse farm, still farming cotton and raising horses for the same families that "owned" them lock stock and barrel prior to the war.

If we look closer, in the every day cities and towns both North and South we will find all of these same people, including the lower class caucasians and other races working for one corporation or another, receiving a sharecroppers "share" of the profits in the modern day Mills known as Mcdonalds, Wendy's, KFC, Walmarts, Kmarts and on and on.

I wonder if these men could witness todays world, would they feel that their sacrifice was worth it...
Would they do it again...

Or instead would they go AWOL or perhaps even join the South and fight for the Sovereignty of the Free States over the Tyranny of a Centralized Government controlled by the Bankers and Industrialists...

How would they feel about the PATRIOT ACT, the creation of a Department of Homeland security and all the Infringing "Legalities" that have been perpetuated upon We The People by this Corporate controlled Tyranny... since they gave their All...

I think about todays "soldier" and I feel very sorry for him/her especially if they choose to believe that our safety is worth more then our liberty thus justifying everything that has been done to us to date.
I feel even more sadness knowing that they blindly swear to protect a document that was indeed the initial subversion of Sovereignty.

I believe that our modern patriot types would find themselves at odds not only with those of the Southern states yet also with their counterparts to the North.

I do not believe that very much common would exist between them at all.
As one of my favorite lyrics goes "In the North they call us Rebels, in the South they call us Yankees" by Clutch.

That fairly sums up how these men and women might feel if they were alive today and that is how I feel this day, out of place no matter where we are.

So, in the spirit of Truth, the spirit of Honesty and in the spirit of Resistance and Rebellion to tyranny in all of its forms and in Respect for all those who gave ALL If only in the belief that they were doing "good" through the resistance to Tyranny... I present the following videos, in no particular order, in an effort to remind everyone of the WHY they fought and why we still fight!

A link to the ANTI FEDERALIST PAPERS as anyone who has not read them is indeed lacking in their education as it concerns this nation and the CONstitution. I would go so far as to say that anyone who has even said the word CONSTITUTION yet has not read the ANTI FEDERALIST PAPERS is nothing more then a programmed drone.

Bordens Anti Federalist Papers Index

I wish to honor and respect those who have given their all, both the misguided and the true patriots with this offering of Truth, truth as I see it, as I feel it and even to those who resisted the ultimate sacrifice in the most humane way possible, the conscientIous objectors and those who knew war and who thus despised it...
I Remember and Honor you all.
May your spirits help guide ours back to the Tree of Liberty.


posted on May, 29 2011 @ 06:29 PM
Well good read dood. Happy birthday to ya. Just celebrate it for what it is,... your day. That's what I do...

I'm too am blessed with the same three day weekend every year, so there's a decent excuse to grab a few friends and chill..

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 11:11 AM
Thank you for the kind words.

I wish this thread would have gotten a little more attention and I wish I had not mispelled "murderer" wrong so many times it makes me cringe yet thats my first offering and thank you for my first flag.

Any thoughts on the "U.S IS A CORPORATION" video? Just curious.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 12:09 PM
I believe it's right on the money. This is all interesting stuff, I think the title is probably what threw people for a loop. Ya got alot of good stuff here. I'm not sure how the rules work, but ya might wanna try to rework it a bit and resubmit with a different title. Just my two cents.

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