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“Illuminati”???... Kibamboni (New CityY) DaresSalaam, Tanzania.

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posted on May, 26 2011 @ 10:45 AM
“ILLUMINATI”???... KIGAMBONI (NEW CITY) DaresSalaam, Tanzania.
Kigamboni is a business and residential and resort area situated in DaresSalaam Tanzania East Africa.
The Apparent story goes that, In 2008 President Bush came to Tanzania had a meeting with the President J. Kikwete.
A short time after that, this project was announced, the “BLUE DIAMOND“ Kigamboni, New City Project.
A 10 year project to create 133,000 housing unit and worth about 10.5 Billion Dollars.
All Local People know and speak about how G. Bush now owns Kigamboni City, I cannot find any proof of this. Actual Details about ownership and finance of this huge project are vague at best, again who is funding it?. There is a LOT OF WHOIS in this that is not open to public knowledge.
An area of approx 65 square Kilometers has been allocated for this new city. This is a heavily populated area with densely populated areas and a magnificent coastal area including several outstanding Coastal Islands currently undeveloped. The First Stage starts 2011 and people have already started to receive eviction notices to leave the lease hold properties in the area. Basically the Government is revoking all titles issued and making people leave.
They are trying to make it low key with as little noise as possible so they have targeted the poorest areas for eviction first. Naturally!!!.
I ask the question Illuminati because the design of the city appears to show the center having interesting symbols and features and maybe even an eye of Horace looking feature!. What do you think?.
Now I am overjoyed at such a wonderful city to be built, but I have to wonder is there something happening here beyond the obvious?. As this is my first thread here I welcome your thoughts and comments to enlighten me and others.
Questions I cannot find answers to :
.Who owns the land and for how long
. Who is funding the project
. Who is issuing contracts for the building of the city
These are just a few obvious questions. There are deeper questions here which I find interesting.

Here is the youtube link for you to view the hyped video about this as officially released by the government of tanznaia

Interestingly, The rotation of this plan allows one to visualize many different Illuminati symbols, 2 eyes of Horace, two devil symbols formed by the roads alignments. Some Locals say this is one place rich in demons and evil spirits and ask publically in newspapers if this is why Bush bought it. That is if he actually did!.

I noticed on one youtube video the illuminati had divided up the world into regions, is this the BUSH KINGDOM Called the Blue Diamond-realm he will control once they gain control of the world with the New world order?

I see this old map of interest at this url:

The Location of Kigamboni on Google Earth Maps is 6°49'38.59"S 39°19'0.70"E


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posted on May, 26 2011 @ 11:01 AM
In regards to the old map, heres the original that that one is based on, the author sold it for a dollar in magazines and not much is know about him.. it could just be that he saw a way to make a it of money of the mind set of the people at the time.

The map was self-published by Gomberg and offered for sale for $1 in magazines such as American Teacher in 1942 and Survey Graphic in 1944

Gomberg created the map as a personal project, and little else is known of him. The map has been highlighted by New World Order conspiracy theorists who believe it represents some broader view of the US government, and has also been widely circulated online

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posted on May, 26 2011 @ 01:33 PM
Interesting post, OP.

If this really is owned or controlled by the Bush family, I have 2 questions...

Is there a huge underground aquifer in this location? Is it close to a huge source of fresh water?
(the Bush family has bought land in South America on top of one of the largest fresh water supplies in the Hemisphere)

Also, what is the elevation of this place?
(Elites' doom compounds will not be near, at, or below sea level)

posted on May, 26 2011 @ 01:43 PM
i dont even have to watch the video

you sold me when the top suggestions for this video are MW3...

MW2, has some trouble in it boy, let me tell you

posted on May, 26 2011 @ 10:37 PM
reply to post by kigamboni

Local people are hugely disadvantaged by all this and the secrecy of this project is all the way to the top... or should i say USA!...

This was posted by the Citizen Newspaper Tanzania,

"Residents warn govt on Kigamboni master plan Sunday, 06 February 2011 22:45
By Sylivester Ernest
The Citizen Reporter
Dar es Salaam. Residents in Kigamboni area on Friday called on the government to involve them in the process of transforming the locality into a modern city.They said the plan by the government to develop the area would lead to a dispute between the involved parties because it would leave the residents in abject poverty.

The locals were speaking during a monthly seminar organised by the Land Rights Research and Resources Institute (Hakiardhi) to discuss their rights as the government’s plan was going to impinge on them directly.

A Kigamboni resident who introduced himself as Mathew Christian said since the government gave them an order to stop developing the area, which has lasted two years, nothing has been done.“Because of this, we haven’t been able to develop our areas fearing that the authority will come and demolish our properties,” he lamented.

He said the order, which was issued on October 24, 2008 and was to last until October 23, 2010, was discriminative “as influential people were continuing with construction projects in areas we are told are also in the development plan. We know all the institutions that have been issued with licences by the same authorities denying us the same,”

Mr Christian added that they were unaware of where they would be shifted to and blamed the government for not conducting public hearings in areas where the project would be carried out, hence missing the resident’s disquiet. Somangila resident Felix Lubango said most of the announcements made by the government concerning them were through newspapers, most of which residents did not access .

He said the residents only met Captain John Chiligati (rtd), the former minister for Lands and Settlements Development, some time back and since then no one had bothered to consult them."

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