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The real meaning of the Apocalypse

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posted on May, 20 2011 @ 05:23 PM
Speaking of the apocalypse, I invite objective and interested people and seekers after truth to read this book: which offers an intelligent, non-emotional, no obsession and non sectarian theory of what the APOCALYPSE really is all about.

The term APOCALYPSE means to reveal. It doesn’t really imply the end of the world, but a cosmic realization based on light or seeing reality as it is after some layers of veils are lifted

The theory revolves around the apocalypse being the period when the external world resolves its imperfections, and consequently the internal world(s) . . . all the inner states of humans, have to follow suit based on the cosmic law: AS ABOVE SO BELOW.
The above is the macrocosm [external world] the below is the microcosm [the inner world of ALL humans.]

The macrocosm reflects the microcosm, by cosmic universal law. Therefore when the macrocosm perfects itself the microcosms will follow—all the humans in creation.

It is based on cosmic scientific metaphysical laws; not anything to do with a sky-God deciding all of a sudden to make things right—an absurd proposition.

The “APOCALYPSE” is described as a inevitable reality based on the laws that govern worlds, not any magical egotistical sky-God concept of righting evil. This theory postulates that in the end ALL humans will be free from the imperfections that breed the suffering we all face. Indeed ultimately no human will suffer in Hell forever, but all will return to the eternal happiness of the original Adam.

The Ellipse The Fall and Rise of the Human Soul, Secrets of the Cosmos

The Hidden Secret of the Ages Revealed
For metaphysical and spiritual enthusiasts
The Ellipse: The Fall and Rise of the Human Soul, Secrets of the Cosmos describes the cosmic laws of the universe ruling the reality of the human experience and the destiny of humanity. It is an in depth study of the spiritual science that is the source of all religion, and the cause of the human condition.

The term ellipse which means imperfect circle, as opposed to the perfect circle, is the updated metaphor that replaces the traditional concepts of God and the devil, and good and evil as the human race evolves out of the age of mythology to the era of the merging of science and spirituality.
This spiritual saga describes the inner and outer soul of the universe, the apocalypse, and the destiny of the human race. Delving deeper than any metaphysical writer of the past or present, the book reveals new insights about the fall of man and the soul’s journey to its ultimate destiny in unraveling the mysteries of its existence. It also clarifies pervasive distortions and misconceptions within religion and metaphysics.

Zakariyya Ishaq, a writer, researcher in mythology, and practitioner of Integral Metaphysics, is a thirty year seeker of esoteric knowledge, and a student in the wisdom traditions of Sufism, Islam, Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, Kabbalah, Christian Gnosticism, and Hermetic Science. Having drunk deep at the ocean of mystical knowledge he reveals the secrets of the cosmos in The Ellipse that answers many of the age old questions that have challenged the understanding of believers in God, philosophers, and mystical seekers by exploring these topics: 1) The essence of man, 2) The origin of evil and suffering, 3) The end of evil and suffering, 4) A definition of God, 5) The reality of creation, 6) The nature of the soul, 7) The burden of the apocalypse, 8) A new understanding of the Jesus mystery, and 9) The destiny of humankind

This dynamic mystical cosmology is explained so the laymen and practitioners of metaphysics, religion and New Age ideas can enjoy an inspirational book that exhorts the world to peaceful co-existence and unity, and at the same time be well informed on the spiritual science that are at the root of their practice, and belief


posted on May, 20 2011 @ 06:39 PM
I really enjoyed an old Korean animated TV series called "Reign the Conqueror" which chronicled the life and battles of Alexander the Great. It had a prophecy foretold in it that he would bring about the end of the world...but it turns out at the end that it was a metaphysical ending and one so convoluted (regarding Euclid replacing Pythagoras's mathematics etc.) that I am still trying to determine what it was exactly.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 07:44 PM
There likely is no end to the world—just a perfection of it, and then a reintegration of this world back into its source where it becomes hidden, and then to produce another world. It goes on and on.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 08:27 PM
The apocalypse is the re-perfection of the world. What world? The Solar system or the Garden of Eden . . . which are the same thing.

The solar system is an outer reflection of an inner aspect of the soul that produces states of consciousness, [Garden of Eden] by the direct invocation of the mind.

The famous Biblical and Quranic allegory of Adam’s sojourn in the Garden of Eden is the story in symbolic form of how humans lost or fell from a station of consciousness called PARADISE OR HEAVEN.

The Arabic word for paradise is Jannah ( and the Arabic word for hell is Jahannam (

After the fall of man we went from [paradise—Garden of Eden-JANNAH] over time to (corruption of paradise JAHANNAM)--THIS WORLD OF SUFFERING OR HELL.

The words (Jannah) and (Jahannam) are from the same root, Jnn, which means to hide or conceal.

Concealed in [Jannah] are infinite states of paradise or consciousness.

Once they become Jahannum [corrupted] they no longer are operating smoothly therefore we have the world we have of suffering, ignorance, and pain.

This world NOW is a world of JAHANNAM [HELL]

So this tells us that the source of hell is paradise or that hell is a corrupted paradise.

The apocalypse is the world returning from Jahannam [hell] back to Jannah

Recall the words Jannah and Jahannam are derived from a word that means—to conceal

Apocalypse means lifting of a veil or revelation, en.wikipedia...

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