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UN flood team in Bangladesh

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 09:48 AM
As ATSNN didn't cover and probably just a few people know I am bringing news far away from the news on the unbiased ATS news channel.

Did I say unbiased?
(check the news/submission forum and try not to laugh!
oh and furthermore try to find a political trend
) - oh well, back to topic.

UN flood team in Bangladesh

Rivers are now receding in the north and north-east, but at least 40% of the capital, Dhaka, remains flooded.

The disaster response experts are in Bangladesh to assess what is needed.

Bangladesh's government has estimated the damage to roads, bridges, schools and hospitals at $7bn. At least 30m people remain homeless or stranded.

The UN is preparing to appeal to member countries for more money to help distribute food and medicine and to rebuild infrastructure once the waters subside.

Aid agencies working here say the country has sufficient emergency supplies of food, but the difficulty is getting it to areas cut off by the flooding.

...more...follow the link.

Source@BBC Online

The big bad UN has arrived in Bangladesh and dares to help just a few 30 million homeless people. Damn! What a waste of money! Let them die! Damn UN. We pay all the money(at least that's what I hear from my dad!!!) and others do chicken with it. Ah come on, we are in an important war of(or on?) terror that has cost soooooo many lives(and probably some of our peoples lives) we can't care or even interest for just a few 30 million homeless people that are threatened by dirty water and a lack of food. I was american again, gotta take my prozac.

That's basically what I am reading here since signing up so don't spam my inbox with warnings or that I am flaming. Thanks

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