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A Cell Phone Charged by Soil Microbes?

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 11:46 AM
What will they be able to do with this new technologie besides cell phone power,
it' a little bit (matrix) power.

TextWe have comes across numerous unique conceptions here on EcoFriend, but this one has the aptitude for seriously taking the top honor. The project is envisaged for development of mobile communication in third world countries. In relation to that, a team from the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) is working on a radically progressive microbial fuel cell-based charger, which is basically a mobile phone charging system that collects its power from microbes in the soil.

Headed by Dr. Aviva Presser Aiden, this team has already managed to contrive a device consisting of a conductive surface, which accumulates free electrons created by naturally-occurring soil microbes. These so called ‘free electrons’ (basically a simple model in Physics for the behavior of valence electrons of a metallic solid) are given off during the course of their biological metabolic processes. The fascinating technology has already been used to power LED lights in a lab for 14 months

So much for the theoretical part, but if this technology comes to be realized in its prime form then that would set the stage for greater things to come. As according to Dr. Adden, the newly conceived ‘biological’ chargers will be primarily distributed within a region of Sub-Saharan Africa. But as time goes by, local people will be encouraged to contrive this same technology from common materials and items such as window screens and soda cans. And the beauty of its DIY nature is that the simple, yet convenient device can be just as easily be fabricated for even less than a dollar’s cost

In a propitious turn of events, the conscientious project just received a $100,000 grant last month, from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges program. And we surely hope for its final development and completion

Source: GizMag

Now if they could find a way for me to tap in my energy from my body,
so i could power my things from it, it maybe would give some reason for me to eat better to get more energy

I wonder what the hell they will come up next.


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