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Belated HELLO! Greetings from NOT a new member.

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 01:03 AM
Hello everybody,

I joined (as seen on the left) during the second week of July, so its almost a month now! I saw others saying belated hi, so I thought I should do the same. I wouldn't say much about myself as I want to keep it "anonymous" in all ways. I'm from TN, USA btw, well originally from India.

Actually I waited intentionally, so that I can make remarks about the forum.
I have to say that this is the best forum on the web!
Great job by the moderators!
This is indeed a "smart" forum, so many intelligent members, very thoughtful arguments in the debates, great news reporting...

I found this site when I was researching for UFOs or it was sleep paralysis, I don't remember. But I'm glad I found it.

I already got one warning from a mod for posting one-liners/word, which I have taken into my mind and so fellow new members, don't make that mistake.

I'm not very old, therefore not very wise, therefore not much life experience, and so I can't post many interesting thoughts, but I try my best not to sound stupid! However I do feel how stupid/ignorant I was, when I learn about new stuff and how people's opinions differ.

Btw, this is the first ever forum I joined with a membership, but I have looked thru other forums on other sites too, so far this is the best!

Best Luck


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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 08:35 AM
Welcome to ats

glad your enjoying the site Jp,
cya around se7en

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 09:00 AM
Welcome to the ATS, enjoy your long stay!

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