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Citicorp A Likely Terrorist Target In NYC

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posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 07:52 PM
The new “credible threats” have been placed on two buildings in NYC:
1.The New York Stock Exchange
2.The Citicorp Buildings THE CITICORP CENTER (153 E 53rd St.)

I first wondered WHY? Citicorp? Then I remembered the relationship of Citicorp and the Saudis.

I then remembered the strained relationship between Al Qeada and the Saudis.

Citicorp Center

Height to roof: 279 meters
Date built: 1977
Use: Office
Location: 53rd and Lexington Ave, NYC
Architects: The Stubbins Associates
The Citicorp Center on 53rd and Lexington Avenue in New York has become an icon of the Modern architectural era. The building was designed by Hugh Stubbins and Associates and is respected for its willingness to step away from the typical skyscraper design of the International Period. Along the skyline of Manhattan, Citicorp is instantly recognizable. The sloping section at the top houses a Tuned Mass Damper -- in effect, a 360 metric ton, 9 times 9-meter concrete block on an oiled plate -- that lessens with its inertia the sway caused by strong winds to about half. Strong winds are a constant enemy of high buildings, especially those standing on stilts: there are four 10-storey pillars under the middle of each facade (22 m from the corners) and a large center core for elevators etc. The tower stands on its "feet" 40 m above the street level.

The NYSE is a fortress!!!! But Cititcorp? Bet they go after Citicorp, and the other is a diversion.


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