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American Psyhcology Conspiracy or culture?

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posted on May, 16 2011 @ 12:36 PM
I have been doing a series of blogs on how we need disclosure of what the government is doing and why. I haven't focused on the most bizarre stuff like UFOs since most of the public won't pay as much attention to it but I have focused on the way the psychological community has been doing research to understand how to manipulate the public and suppress democracy. This isn't all an airtight conspiracy since a lot of this information is available to the public but it isn't presented in a way that will get the message through to the majority and they may not respond well to it anyway since a lot of them aren't well enough educated. However the evidence for a lot of this is much stronger than some of the more far fetched conspiracies. Except for JFK which I consider much stronger.

If anyone is interested you can check out the following blogs; in the opening one Truth and Education Commission I called for the consideration for a truth commission; however I don't think it should be rushed. Instead we should do as much as possible to organize information and educate the public before they set up a commission that might give some degree of immunity. Past Truth Commissions have been dominated by the most powerful people and they have enabled them to cement some of the theft they've been involved in with new laws and constitutions that have been made under pressure with the support of ignorant people.

Since a lot of what they do involves manipulating the public they have studied a lot of psychological manipulation tactics about how to control the public. the things they present as the basics of psychology are generally pretty useless. In many cases simply understanding the basics of psychology is enough to avoid being manipulated which is why I started with a blog about The Fundamentals of Psychology. this includes a review of how they conduct their research as well as how psychology develops from early childhood. this is important since whether people believe what the politicians tell them depends on whether or not they are taught to think for themselves from an early age. Authoritarians tend to literally beat the truth into little children.

In Philip Zimbardo the Lucifer Effect and the Stanford Prison Experiment I covered some research that seems to indicate what the CIA and the military may have been researching. I started with some research from Alfred McCoy who provides some evidence to indicate that Stanley Milgram who did the Obedience to Authority Experiments may have been working for the CIA and definitely had connections with the Office of Naval Research. This argument is just as strong if not stronger when it comes to Zimbardo's experiments. These obedience to authority experiments were almost certainly used to enable them to learn how to run boot camp more effectively, conduct interrogation on prisoners, spread propaganda and to manipulate the public.

Corruption or Bias in the American Psychological Association expands on this and considers the motivational factors that they provide for the psychology community. Not all psychologists are corrupt; in fact the work of many of the more credible ones can help the public understand how they're manipulating the public but they don't generally make to much noise about this since it might be considered unprofessional and the public may have a hard time telling who is right. this is why it is important to start with the basics as I tried to.

the last one so far covers how Political Psychologists are suppressing Democracy some of their research is available on line and once you look at it I think it will be clear that they are doing more to study how to manipulate the public than they are to provide "free and fair elections." In fact it doesn't take a genius to figure out the fact that they do little if anything to address issues in the campaigns they run.

I'll be doing more on this later; they are also studying how to manipulate the public for marketing research purposes and they're presenting an enormous amount of psychological recommendations that are designed to advance political causes when it comes to the get tough on crime issue without actually doing much if anything to reduce crime.

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