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Don't get near the water's edge

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posted on May, 16 2011 @ 10:48 AM
don't get near the water's edge

I am flooded by you with memories of us.
Remembering my other half, and remembering the trust.
But these visions are spreading and dismembering dust.
The rest of me, to resurface is a must.
I search for serendipity, and I have searched infinity.
Thought you were my luck, on you should be stuck side by side.
Why in the past you and I tried to hide from anyone?
It was so true, but now so blue, inside divided from everyone.

Amidst the undertow, i'm in the shaft again.
I’m with the devil; she said push seven and that’s heaven’s level.
I say I’ll push six, it’s down to the thickets and she hands me the tickets.
On them they say we must stay forever and a day, was it worth it?
Looks now as though I need it, deserve it, so go ahead reserve it.
But never did she tell me what she heard, last eyesight of her in a fast blur.

The nature of the thing wasn’t quite human force.
I was pushed down with her common resource.
Too late, still I feel complete remorse.
Say it’s my own fault, you helped of course.
I am dead, through the body but not the head.
And instead, I still am able to think.
My eyes won’t open so I can not blink.
Floating, no just me starting to sink.
Sipping my last taste of life, you my drink.


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