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The Pond

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 09:58 PM
Within what some call Revelation, there lies a smaller realm that runs perpendicular to the Main Stream. We see it, but it's always shrouded in a deep mist of misunderstanding and foreign accents. Thus, that wich wishes to be a Great Sea, shall forever remain. . .The Pond.

As the last of the geese faded into the hroizon, I turned to leave the pond. I did hestate once my back faced the pond. . .and that's a shame, that's when Life within the pond decided to see my image. I wanted to look again, and try to give Life what it needed to survive. . .but in the creating of Life, I bestowed on them the great punishment of free will. As i had the ability to turn my back on Life, so should they also have the ability to become the beasts they clain to fear.

The choise to walk away, the choice of not saving Life, but rather let them discern its own existence and displacement of Universe is one I shall carry. It was never that I had contempt for Life. . .it was that I was waiting, as my father waited for me. . .to. . .see.
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