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Bellatrix Pilgrimage

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posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 05:57 PM
This is my first attempt at doing the story writing on here so be nice lol. its set in a scene like midevel. and follows a journey of the main characheter Bellatrix

Chapter 1

Bellatrix lay motionless laying in her bed thinking about the big day that was approaching. At long last her childhood dream was about to become reality. The opportunity to become a protector of Brailla where few and far between. She was aiming to be the first female to accomplish such a role. Slowly yet surely after many tossing and turning her eye lids closed shut. Her journey was about to begin.

When she awoke the following morning the sun was shining bright through her window, a little breeze blowing the curtains. Children playing could be heard out in the grassy hills. Chatting going on at the stalls which brought many laughs and happiness from the peoples hearts. Everything seemed so calm.

Suddenly her mother burst into the room, ‘we must hurry, the ceremony will be starting soon, we don’t want to be late’ spoken in a rushed manner. “When the horn blows that’s when we shall leave, we will be collected by two of the temple guards if I remember correctly” she continued. Clearly noticeable to Bellatrix was the fact that her mother had looked clearly glamorous for the event and was most likely to have forgotten the time while doing up her appearance.

Bellatrix slipped out of bed and quickly dressed in a robe near her bed and headed towards the door collecting a large towel on the way. Luckily for Bellatrix, her mother had filled the bath for her. A task which often take a fair amount of time due to travelling to collect water to and from the stream nearby. The room also had a little fire which her mum made to heat the room and bath. Made by gently rubbing two sticks together and adding a few more when light to keep it burning. Laying in the bath Bellatrix thought of her father who vanished not long after she was born. Slowly a little tear dropped from below her eyelid, “are you alive dad, where are you?” she quietly said to herself. After a moments pause contemplating about her father weather he dead or alive she resumed washing herself.

After spending little time in the tub due to being rushed she stepped out onto the mat standing tall. The water dropping from her skin enhanced her beautiful tanned skin while her long brownish dark hair rested upon her shoulders. Her appearance was almost identical to her mothers, the only difference being that Bellatrix was at least 6foot tall and built much more in tone. However, the resemblance between the pair was incredible.

After drying herself she got a basin of water and carefully poured it over the fire to put it out. She then returned to her room and put on her outfit for the occasion. Her dress was extremely expensive and was made of a fine silk. Her mother had acquired the dress for her from the village market, costing a whooping 20 gold coins. After a quick look in the mirror to examine how she looked the horn was sounded.

posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 06:02 PM
welcome to the w0rld of writing Ryn

well done and i cant wait for more to be posted...keep up the good work ok


posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 06:35 PM
Cool story keep up with the work Dam I curse my writers block

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 05:35 PM
Good story Ryn i really look forward to reading more of your work!

Nice to see you in here!

Well done!


posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 07:18 PM
great job rynaldo ill be looking forward to the next addition of your story. keep it comin

posted on Aug, 29 2004 @ 06:22 PM
thanks for the kind words

heres the next part

Bellatrix quickly made her way out her home into the front lawn and was greeted by her mother. The garden was kept in excellent condition due her mums interest in it. A lovely hedge which was well trimmed went round the garden while the grass was a beautiful natural green.

Now however the children in the fields could no longer be heard nor was there laughter heard, Brailla village was empty.

After walking to end of the path they where greeted by two young temple guards on waiting horseback. “We have been sent by Lord Alvis to accompany you both to Brailla temple” said the younger of the guards while the other helped Bellatrix’s mother onto the horse. Gently and positively giving her encouragement to lift herself up onto the saddle along with a arm to pull her up.

Bellatrix watched her mother climb up onto the horse and quickly admired the horses. The horses where matching white stallions with long flowing manes which looked beautiful as the morning sun hit them with sturdy looking hooves for feet. It was obvious by looking at them that they where well maintained.

“I suggest we leave now” said the younger guard, spoken in an arrogant manner, interrupting Bellatrix in her gaze at the marvellous animals.

“Leon! Where is your respect, I suggest you apologise now”! said the older guard hardly believing the rudeness

“No, its ok, I suppose he must be keen to arrive there too, I understand this may be his way of dealing with his excitement” replied Bellatrix.

“Thank you lady Bellatrix” was Leon’s reply.

After she was upon the horse the guards pulled on the horses reign’s to signal them to gallop in the direction of the Brailla Temple.

With the horses galloping by Bellatrix looked back at her home. The house got smaller and smaller in view as the horses galloped further away along the village. The sun light hitting the stream made the blue water have the most incredible of reflections. Further on the stream continued stalls here empty. The gravel path behind them was full of dust as the horse’s hooves kicked up the ground behind them. The two guards kept the horses in unison which enabled the four of them too talk to each other rather than one taking the lead.

Bellatrix moved her head to the right while holding on the guards back to look at her mother, “am so thrilled mum, the opportunity to become protector of Brailla, I cant believe this is happening” she spoke excitedly. “And Lord Alvis, I’m so looking forward to meeting him” she continued enthusiastically. With her mother nodding with a smile looking back at her.

After passing by the grass and farm fields of Brailla the temple was becoming visible. Crowds of people could be spotted outside the entrance while the doors remained closed.

With every step the horses where taking Bellatrix grew more and more excited as she approached the temple..

After gazing at the sun for a moment she realised she was there. Brailla temple stood before her.

posted on Aug, 29 2004 @ 07:24 PM
Could there be something with Leon and Bellatrix ? and I liked the And Lord Alvis part. Elvis heeh good story keep up the good work ryn.

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