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The Truth Is Viral! (New Video From ATS)

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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 10:39 AM

Originally posted by Laokin

Originally posted by ThinkingCap
I liked it. Glad to see those candidates being questioned like that. Especially on Bilderberg.

But I have to say, the "Shoot to kill" order on the U.S born Muslim man - he is no longer a citizen if he commits treason towards the country - right? Like conspire to terror?

He would have to be convicted of Treason.

Before conviction, you must be Charged with Treason.

You can't just say his speech that is protected by the 1st amendment is automatically incriminating him... It doesn't implicate him in any crime, all it does is show his true independent thought process...

Unless thought crime is real, who determines if his philosophy is treasonous, if he himself, is not taking part in treasonous events.

If he is involved in events that should be deemed as treason, why isn't he chraged with Treason?

The bottom line is, honestly, at this point.... it's the same if Obama saw you walking down the street, shared a conversation that established just how different your beliefs are, and then decides to execute you on the spot without anybody else having a say in the decision.

Regardless if you believe socialism is the way, or Hitler had the right idea, etc etc... these are not crimes, these are not enough to put some one behind bars, let alone assasinate them....

This is illegal. What happened to the legal "due process?" The president can't give orders that remove the freedoms of individual american citizens... He can't just lock you in the dungeon, or behead you because his will allows it...

That would make him a Monarch, or King, which is a 100% authoritarian dictator.


Bob Powell looks like a very, very, cool dude.... Thanks for this... keep it up :-)
edit on 12-5-2011 by Laokin because: (no reason given)

Thanks for the compliment, and the nice explanation of why what Obama is doing is against the law.

Personally, I think al-Awlaki is a scumbag; after he is tried and convicted, I wouldn't mind releasing the trap door to the gallows myself. MY problem is that Obama has ordered this man's death based solely on his statements and ALLEGED contacts with the 9/11 hijackers, the Fort Hood shooter, and the Fruit of the Loom bomber. If this man is suspected of a crime that warrants the death penalty, then by all means PUT HIM ON TRIAL before sentencing him to death!

Since 9/11, the Executive Branch has gone on a wild power grab; but not even Bush went this far. IMO, Obama has picked this American Citizen as a target because: he's a radical Muslim, he says things that make mainstream America hate him, and nobody would shed a tear if he was killed; but where does it stop? Talk about a slippery slope!

Once this American Citizen is murdered without due process of law, an extremely dangerous precedent will be set and the next target won't be nearly so universally hated as al-Awlaki is. The DHS has already issued guidelines for their agents to keep an eye on veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, "Birthers," Second Amendment advocates, "Survivalists" who stockpile food and weapons, "Conspiracy Theorists," and even people with Ron Paul bumper stickers for crying out loud.

If al-Awlaki is killed without protest, who's next? Rush Limbaugh? His speech can be pretty offensive at times. How about Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, or maybe even ME - or you? IDK about anyone else, but I fit into nearly ALL of the categories that DHS has recommended for closer scrutiny except for Iraq/Afg vets. At what point does MY speech become so offensive to President - excuse me - Caesar Obama that he feels the need to shut me up with a Hellfire missile or a bin-Laden style S.E.A.L. raid?

I'm sorry, but this is just wrong on so many levels. Sen. Chuck Schumer has introduced legislation that will allow the government to revoke the citizenship of any person deemed to be a true threat to the security of the US. At least that's a step in the right direction.

I don't care what avenue they take to be quite honest, as long as it conforms to the Constitution, and allows a person's guilt to be adjudicated in a court of law BEFORE they are assassinated at the whim of the Executive Branch. In al-Awlaki's case, the government is saying "He can't be found to bring him to trial." BULL*HIT! Ever hear of a trial "in absentia?" And if they can find him well enough to hit him with a Hellfire or hit squad, then they can go in and capture him just as easily.

Ordering the assassination of an American citizen without a trial is truly the tipping point between a Democratic Republic and a Dictatorship. I hope everyone understands this.

As far as the Elenin video goes, I know you guys are frustrated - as am I - with all of the delays. I suppose I could have put up a piece of dreck like you see on Youtube everyday, but who does that benefit? Nobody. Aside from the catastrophic loss of the entire show, which I have had to recreate from scratch (and if you've ever done any video editing, I'm sure that you realize the many, many hours of work that must go into a properly edited video) I have faced stiff, unexpected resistance from my sources. Fortunately, that is about to be worked out and I'll be able to give you something more substantial than what you might see on YT in the very near future.

I realize that I made a mistake promoting the Elenin video before it was actually "in the can." I'm quite sure that phone calls were made urging my sources to shut me out; they were quite willing to speak to me before I put up the first thread on the subject. Whoever is behind this effort is about to learn the meaning of the Internet meme "Epic Fail." They didn't take into account the fact that there are more universities within driving distance than Clemson where I can interview an astrophysicist, nor did they take into account the fact that when I latch onto something, I don't let go until I'm satisfied I have gotten to the truth.

So, here's the deal: I won't make any more promises about upcoming videos, nor am I going to let the Nibiru/Elenin story fall by the wayside. It WILL be up as soon as I can provide a product that is worthwhile, informative, and as conclusive as it can be. You have my word on my Sacred Honor as a US Marine on that.

And no, I am not now, nor do I expect to be, an employee of ATS. I'm a member just like you good folks. In any case, expect to see a series of videos from The Truth Is Viral on a regular basis here on ATS. As a credentialed reporter I have access to "newsmakers" as the election video proved, and I'm not afraid to ask the tough questions that MSM outlets won't touch with a ten-foot-pole either. I just hope you guys will be able to stand looking at my ugly mug on a regular basis - there is a reason I've worked in radio and print my whole life.

Well, I'm going out for the day here shortly. I'll catch up when I get back.

Cheers to the ATS staff for letting me say what I wanted to say, and to the membership for their patience and enthusiasm: thank you ALL for your support.


posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 06:44 PM
I really like the first episode. Good questions asked in the interviews and a good topic.
The "assasination" order must be illegal. In no democratic society such an order should, could come from
one person without charge, trail, and convition before execution. (note. I´m against capital punishment)

We can´t allow terrorist threats makes us step down to "jungel" law and put our rights and laws to the side.
Then they will win.

Just one thing. Buy a good microphone for the next episodes because the sound is terrible and you hear to
much background noises.

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