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Cheerleader must compensate school that told her to clap 'rapist'

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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 11:48 AM

Cheerleader must compensate school that told her to clap 'rapist' uk

A teenage girl who was dropped from her high school's cheerleading squad after refusing to chant the name of a basketball player who had sexually assaulted her must pay compensation of $45,000 (£27,300) after losing a legal challenge against the decision.

The United States Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a review of the case brought by the woman, who is known only as HS. Lower courts had ruled that she was speaking for the school, rather than for herself, when serving on a cheerleading squad – meaning that she had no right to stay silent when coaches told her to applaud.

(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 11:48 AM
This is the state of Justice in the US and the western world probably. I read elsewhere that someone equated her school cheerleading as equal to work and following bad orders.

One must never follow bad orders at work or in school, anywhere, anytime. In fact there is Real Law, Common Law and it is the only legal law. Corporate/Navy law is invalid, unconstitutional and ILLEGAL.

And this would only be corporate law.

In addition she is required to pay 45000 dollars.

I would be there with Bullhorns every day and get groups to surround the courts, and the parliaments until said issue is overturned and dealt with with jutice for the one who suffered the rape.

In addition would never in my life pay any money out and never ever give into injustice and get round table agreements from others. uk
(visit the link for the full news article)
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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 11:51 AM

She was 16 when she said she had been raped at a house party attended by dozens of fellow students from Silsbee High School, in south-east Texas. One of her alleged assailants, a student athlete called Rakheem Bolton, was arrested, with two other young men.

In court, Bolton pleaded guilty to the misdemeanour assault of HS. He received two years of probation, community service, a fine and was required to take anger-management classes. The charge of rape was dropped, leaving him free to return to school and take up his place on the basketball team

He get a misdeamour assualt for rape! There are people who serve longer sentences for library fines and minor property crimes or minor drug violations. Outrageous.

Though I recall in Alberta a case where a youth got house arrest and she was forced to go to high school with him. It was also Outrageous and typical of our negative polarity controllers, so similar world over I suppose.
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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 12:01 PM
A little odd. This is breaking news, yet it disappeared on my ATS page for breaking news, and I thought a few others must have been made roughly same time, so checked under the whole first page of that category and couldn't find it?

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 12:03 PM
she should have just paid the money to some big man rapist to give him a taste of his own medicine, preferably one with hiv.

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 12:08 PM
This thread is put in offtopic news. I've never heard of this forum before, its a current story, why is it not in alternative news which most have on their ATS, so shuffled somewhere where it can't be seen. Is it because he has a Muslim first name?

This is unbelievable! I would really appreciate some answers. That is twice in my personal experiences of any issue that relates to injustice or a crime from potential muslims, I'm not sure this man is practicing, he could be Buddist for all I know, being put into rants or offtopic news.

Suppression of crucial information, relating to NWO and its promotion of fundamentalism and fascism, including its anti white inverse racism, that up until I ignored but now it seems to be a trend.

I think someone should write a whole thread about this, probably not me because my threads never fare well, someone really good at catchy titles maybe.

Why any current news article that may have a Muslim featured somewhere in it, is transferred, what the current agenda nation wide or in all western countries about this is.

In fact now that this suspicion has formed in me, I am going to ask if this court decision was made due to their put down of American values and western women/white people.
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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 12:19 PM

Originally posted by lewman
she should have just paid the money to some big man rapist to give him a taste of his own medicine, preferably one with hiv.

Why would she pay any money out to any rapist?

In fact, why would anyone accept the jurisdiction of an Unjust judge and pay out a cent and why would her parents not organize massive loud, I did say bullhorns, protest day and night.

This how you stop injustice without violence, by being really loud, assertive and not ever ever ever giving in.

If they ever did this to us, and tried to steal money out of the bank, we'd go underground economy.
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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 12:43 PM
From the source:

HS and her parents instructed lawyers to pursue a compensation claim against the principal and the School District in early 2009. Their lawsuit argued that HS's right to exercise free expression had been violated when she was instructed to applaud her attacker. But two separate courts ruled against her, deciding that a cheerleader freely agrees to act as a "mouthpiece" for a institution and therefore surrenders her constitutional right to free speech. In September last year, a federal appeals court upheld those decisions and announced that HS must also reimburse the school sistrict $45,000, for filing a "frivolous" lawsuit against it.

This is an illegal decision, in that there is no law on record that would force anyone in any job even military to follow a bad order or do something against their conscience. In fact, Nuremberg Trials hung people from the neck for following bad orders. And ignorance of the law wasn't an excuse.

So I find this interesting that now they're saying you must do what you're told no matter what.

That court decision would have no legal precedence or right to stay.

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 12:45 PM
Hello Unity

I often find myself in agreement with you on various issues but here I come down on the other side.

Did she not see this coming? Did she not know she would have to cheer this guy? Did she not discuss this with her coach ahead of time?

From my little knowledge, cheerleading is a privilege not a right. In many cases it is a popularity contest where only those with pretty faces and attractive bodies need apply. The winners then have the honor and duty to flaunt them both before an audience. This flaunting helps to stir up, and I mean stir up, the adrenaline which pumps up the crowd, enhancing the "experience" of school spirit which serves to promote the school as something other than a mind deadening memorization factory and baby sitting club. Cynical enough for you yet?

Did this young woman learn a lesson about the whole picture when she was raped at a party of her peers?
Did she learn a lesson when only one young man was arrested?
Did she learn a lesson when he was let off with a hand slap?
Did she learn a lesson when she knew she would be expected to continue with her flaunting even to cheering for her rapist?

No. She decided to draw the line in the sand and protest. She wanted all the puffy puffy excitement of this mindless cheering thrill 'AND to be seen as moralistic at the same time.
She wanted to stay in her own lala land.

Then her brain dead parents decided to sue the school so that she could be reinstated and allowed to partake in this whole farce again.

What were they thinking. Were they so lost in their own dreams that they never considered court costs? Were they so sure of their own rightness that they thought they could win? I mean, suing a high school in Texas over something as unimportant as a position on the school cheerleading squad when the courts had already allowed a rapist off with a hand slap.

Better to have fought that battle as aggressively.

Standing up to power for civil rights is one thing but fighting to secure petty privilege is to my mind not a worth battle.
Her parents acted like morons and are being held accountable.

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by TerryMcGuire

I think she joined before him and his wish to be an athlete should not limit her actions or participation in her school, and cheerleading is a dream many girls have. as silly as it is to me. They're equal, but he is a rapist who got a very watered down sentence. The principal obviously knew the case and should have kept him out of her way nonstop, or expelled him. I believe he should have been blocked with a restraining order from going to any school she went to, that would have been fair as they really watered down his sentence.

I did a search for this title and found it on Prison Planet Forums, as well, didn't know if I could link it. If someone wishes to search for the title they will find this on their own.

Thankfully there is a petition to address this injustice there. Again, I don't know if ATS allows one to post petitions so just saying you can follow trails online, they're there.

I would never blame the victim, there is never reason to do so.

She did nothing wrong. And had every right to participate in her school as she wished.

In addition, everyone in every team, occuptation, military, black operation, needs to know, they must never follow bad orders and in fact its criminal to do so.

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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 12:58 PM
I toned down the post above a bit because the idea of blaming the victim instead of ensuring she is safe to pursue normal activities is very upsetting to me. But was not trying to shout.

Normally in all assaults and violence, and especially sexual which has lifelong consequences and recovery, Restraining Orders are in place. When they're not that is a complete violation of the victim by the system.

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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 01:04 PM
18 492 signatures so far on the petition I don't think I can link.

The main letter in the petition, in my own words stands up for protecting victims of crimes and sexual assault, not limiting their freedoms, but only the criminals freedoms, and supporting them. Also not expecting them to violate their own inner sense of worth or safety by demeaning them and destroying their core being as this is what was at stake.

To follow that, with him beign allowed full participation in the school and without a restraining order and years of probation, this was commanding her to say, I DONT COUNT I AM NOTHING IT DOESNT MATTER IF I LIVE OR DIE. That is what is at stake in this story. This is Core Abuse and will have more lasting damage of her life, than even the rape and that in itself can lead to drugs, sexual promiscuity, lack of employment, depression, mental illness, physical illness and destroy her entire life.

Abuse of victims and such horrific abuse, with no protection and expecting people to follow BAD ORDERS.
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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 01:20 PM
Isn't it amazing how many people blame victims and don't understand issues. There should have been a complete restraining order against him so he should not have been in the same school. That is something that should be standard and given. In that Alberta case that was what outraged so many was the lack of protection for the victim and her right to participate freely in activities.

And also, there seems to be this persistent acceptance of Corporate Law and following bad orders.

HELL NO. That is what is wrong with the world.

You never ever ever let a bad order stand or a corrupt judgement stand.

Its easy, it takes doing it in groups. And then our world is free. Though slime always floats to the top in the melting pot, they call it social darwanism, but its the scum at the top of the cauldron and you have to always group up and do it repeatedly. Wash and Rinse and Spin and repeat cycles only for them, not us.
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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 02:32 PM

I have googled more on this story. Apparently there was underage drinking at this party. Apparently she entered the bedroom with at least one male though there are four mentioned as having been involved.

She is underage. Rape
She did not concent. Rape
As at least two of the males, fled through the window we may assume guilt.

Guilty guilty guilty. Her innocence is clear, though possibly not pristine. No matter.

The school and school district is guilty. Acting to cover up the incident to protect a sports asset. Acting to sweep this young woman under the carpet in school life to avoid the issue remaining in the public eye.

I applaud her stand and her voice.

However, a freight train is a freight train. Standing on the tracks with a hand up to hold it back is not a winning battle.

To my mind, part of life and growing up is learning when to cut ones losses. David and Goliath is one thing but David and Goliath backed by the might of a sexist male oriented judicial system is another.

Here is one last thought from a Sisbee Resident. It clouds the original issue but not enough to deny rape. Immaturity all around. The truly guilty person here was the home owner.

Silsbee Resident says:
March 25, 2011 at 11:23 am

There is a lot that the national media is not only leaving out but is also skewing to make it look like there was something that simply wasn’t. Based on the facts of the case, and I have the facts, there was no rape. There was drunken sex where the cheerleader and four boys were in a room, but the moment she said no (which was well into the act) the boy stopped. Nonetheless, the national media has latched on to the story of the “victim” and played it up because black athletes allegedly raped a white cheerleader and didn’t get what they deserved. Bull. Those boys certainly didn’t get what they deserved. They were tagged as rapists, had their photos and names dragged through the dirt in media outlets worldwide, convicted and sentenced before anyone knew any of the facts. And what recourse do they have now? None. The media should be a bit more responsible in what they print and report. Get the facts straight. Use a little common sense and ethics.

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by TerryMcGuire

Thank you for clarifying. Lack of consent is rape, and many teenagers and adults are at gatherings, inebriated and vulnerable.

What should have occurred is a restraining order and expulsion from that school.

And the problem with injustice is its always like standing in front of a freight train, always. Yet we have to not only do this, but do this enmasse supporting each other to end the corruption and miscarriages of justice, with each incident and on the bigger issues facing society, NWO ones and fascism, starvation and wars.
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posted on May, 5 2011 @ 03:40 PM
The legal system needs a serious overhaul when a rape victim is being ordered to pay for not cheering her rapist. This should be the other way around, and that guy shouldn't have gotten off so easily.

edit: seems she is ordered to pay the school, not the rapist himself, but even so it is despicable
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posted on May, 6 2011 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by TerryMcGuire

Gotta wonder where this Silsbee Resident got their facts, as the only people who know the facts would be someone who was in the room.

Here is an article on the original assault.

The cheerleader and three football players were at a party at the home on Pinewood early Saturday, according to an arrest warrant affidavit filed by the Silsbee Police Department.

The girl told police that three males forced her into a room, held her down and sexually assaulted her, the affidavit states.

When others at the party tried to open the door, two of the males fled through a window of the one-story house, the affidavit states. The third boy remained behind.

One of the boys who fled left behind a pair of shorts, the affidavit states.

One of the males later returned and made threats so he could retrieve his shorts, the affidavit states.

Police were called about 2:40 a.m., the affidavit states.

The cheerleader told police she was sexually assaulted and described three to four attackers, Allen said. Police were investigating whether alcohol was present at the party, he said.

The girl was taken to Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital, where doctors administered a rape kit, Allen said. The kit will be sent to Texas Department of Public Safety, with results taking up to four months.

Read more:

I am often leary about date rape type stories, but this sounds pretty clear cut. The girls states that she was forced into the room. The police report states that the events that were occurring were only interrupted when others at the party tried to open the door. Three then fled the scene, one leaving his shorts behind. The girl reported it as a rape from the beginning, and had a rape kit administered. If things hadn't gone that far, why would she get the rape kit administered?

And the result of the rape kit? Looks like they have yet to be released.

At about 2:40a.m., October 19, 2008, police were called to a Silsbee home where a party had been held. Police found her under a pool table, half naked and sobbing. H.S., then 16, alleged that three Silsbee High football players had cornered her in the room, locked the door and raped her. She started screaming for help. “Stop! Seriously, stop it. No!” When other people began pounding at the door, the football players jumped out a window. At least one had left his clothing behind. Witnesses from that night say that outside, a bare naked suspect, Rahkeem Bolton, was verbally abusive, yelling blood-curdling insults about the victim and threatening harm to the house owner if she refused to give him his clothes.

A first grand jury returned a “no bill” decision, meaning there would be no case against the three defendants. No rape charges, no assault charges; nothin’. Did Hardin County District Attorney David Sheffield do a good job there? The victim and her parents thought not. Neither do I. Neither should you. The victim was told that preliminary results from the rape kit showed some DNA evidence that could inculpate the defendants. Yet the victim kept hearing that due to case backlogs, the full rape kit analysis results wouldn’t be ready for four months, five months, one year – depends which report you read.

Wow, How is it that these guys aren't still in jail? More research.

The synopsis is this: because her attacker was the star of the football team, the rape kit wasn’t properly processed, the football players got off with slaps on the wrist and the victim ended up being bullied, harassed, humiliated, and finally punished by the school for not cheering on her rapist at games. The star football player, who was heard threatening anyone who spoke out in the girl’s defense, is lounging on a Florida beach sorting through football scholarships. The girl is facing $45,000 in court costs over the side case involving not cheering for her rapist. In Silsbee, more attention has been paid to her refusal to cheer her attackers than on the attack.

This is a case that deserves to be taken to the Federal level. There is ample evidence that the rape case was intentionally mishandled to protect the attackers. There is ample evidence of denial of civil rights for the victim. There is ample evidence of a conspiracy on the part of the school administration and the prosecutor’s office to protect the attackers and punish the victim. According to the Texas state forensics lab, they can process a rape kit in three weeks. Her kit was delayed for over a year. There is ample evidence of coercion of the victim by prosecutors and the school.

WOW!!! Do we need any more evidence that our current SCOTUS should be impeached. How could this travesty of justice be allowed.

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 08:42 PM
reply to post by poet1b

This is not uncommon. And in instances where its acknowledged and a confession given, like in Alberta years ago, not online but in the hardprint papers, and news, they water down the sentence and that one was a school setting two. What I don't understand is why the failure to protect the victim and why there wasn't a restraining order and expulsion from their school, done to the guilty party. She should have been safe to continue any activities in her school she wished.

And the principal should have been very sensitive to the issues at hand, so this wouldn't have been an issue even if they failed, no one would expect a child to quit her activities, or destroy her core worth as a person by cheering her rapist. This was so outrageous, and evil. Just plain evil.

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by poet1b


The quotes you have provided point clearly to the young woman's abuse. I find no grounds to disagree with the understanding of what has happened to her as a result. She and her family have met with a brick wall all the way along the line. The bully rapist, the coach, the sports program, the school, the school board. All of these establishment forces were lined up against her and in favor of the sports hero.

Truly taking her to be innocent and him guilty leaves most of us on her side. This being my position, that of her innocence, as I am one to believe in innocent until proven guilty, my original reply to Unity99 was to question her and her parents judgment when faced with this travesty.

Having found the brick wall of injustice all the way up the line, would not another course of action have been prudent rather than pounding the wall once again within the justice system? Now they have ended in deep debt because of it.

Life throws many experiences at us with many possible lessons. A one size fits all answer to these experiences is to my mind, not the best way to approach them. I could toss in some Sun Su here, but for me a simple lesson that might have been learned here, rather than the gratification of justice served, and boy would we all if this ends up being the case, might have been the lesson of prudence.

Should this get to a higher court, I will sit on this young woman's side of the gallery. And in the end, who am I to advise, I am not a woman nor was I raped.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 11:34 AM
What is really ugly about this whole situation is that the authorities acted in unison to deprive this young girl of justice, and to allow the violent criminal to keep his place in society. How can sports be viewed as this important? This whole episode says a lot of very bad things about culture in Texas. What is wrong with these people?

SCOTUS acted only to protect the rights of corporations over individuals, and that is another very bad decision by this increasingly out of control SCOTUS.

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