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Above Top Secret? or Above Top but Sinking?

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 07:26 PM
One world government, talked about for years, by many presidents and world leaders. Its big, and its coming........ coming...its coming...ok dont trip...itl be here in a bit...(waiting)...people its coming.. DAMN IT IT ALREADY HAPPENED WHEN THEY SAID IT WAS COMING THE FIRST TIME!!!

Rethink the word business - means to make agreements for transactions. Trade, so we can get what we need and want. "money makes the world go around". Or if your reading this it definitely does.

Under the shadows of democracy business environment is getting very flexible and banking sector is playing the role of merchant. In this competitive banking system you can compare loans with low markup and go for mortgage refinancing with easy terms and conditions. As banking system has switch online; you can search for better insurance quotes just by sitting in your bedroom. By the introduction of online payment system, fundraising has become very easy.

Money, people, technology all evolving. This control over presidents when the shadow government is what exists. Banks of England control banks of the United states and other countries and we all have something in common for Trade is for outlanders, country dwellers or those who chose not to participate in the game of power.

It has all come together as planned but yet people are still waiting waiting, name calling and pointing fingers when the finger should be pointed it comes....YOU!

YOU MAKE A CHANGE FOR HEAVENS SAKE! Do you want to be on your deathbed having your life flash in front of you knowing that you made an influence in the system of better, worse or neutral for humanity? or just be the influenced and conquered mind? If you are unemployed and love to post get a job as a journalist! Physically get into society and start influencing because all I meet is mainstream brainwashed, illuminati subconscious initiated beings, who have taken in the symbols and followed but never analyzed and felt free of their fears of what society will do with their idea of change

Do you really think Obama or whomever will make a speech saying "We are bankrupt so the United States is now under a One World Order". No. The Rebels will strike. The game is psychological more than physical. The physical (war) is but a distraction so the muscle wont flex the mind.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 07:46 PM
Dont believe in HAARP?

Why so many tornadoes? I was watching CBS Eye news and walked in synchronized time to see them reporting the tornadoes but only left one image up the whole time of a destryed building in front of a standing building that had a big sign that said HARP.

Now I dont have cable or internet as I use someone elses, and am broke, but I am very sensitive to sychronizing myself with my environment. Some call it crazy but, depopulation is crazy. Reteach us is all I ask of the elite!
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